Bulk Cycle ( D-bol 25mg +  Drol 25mg ) -50mg/tab EP
Bulk Cycle ( D-bol 25mg +  Drol 25mg ) -50mg/tab EP
Bulk Cycle ( D-bol 25mg +  Drol 25mg ) -50mg/tab EP

Bulk Cycle ( D-bol 25mg + Drol 25mg ) -50mg/tab, 50 pills/bag - Euro-Pharmacies

10% off for 5-9 bags
15% off for 10-14 bags
19% off above 19 bags
Chemical Name:Oxymetholone 25mg +  Methandienone 25mg
Comes In:50mg tab
Dosage: 50-150 mg/day
Active time: aprox 65hours
Shipping from Europe
Breakfast of champions now just become dinner for the beasts.
The all NEW oral blend Bulk cycle tabs 25mg Dbol + 25mg Anadrol = 50mg tablet of raw power made for barbarians of the grind.
What we have here is probably the very first mammoth of an oral combo blend that the anabolic world has ever seen.
When you hear someone mention this oral combo the first words that come to mind that are synonymous to you is most likely "Monstrosity" or GAINS, GAINS AND MORE GAINS!
This compound is not for the weak and used when strength, mass and size is desired in what would be considered recorded time for some.
What to expect -
A rapid increase with protein synthesis in cells that are the essential assembly blocks for furtherance with drastic muscular growth.
A synergetic effect that will magnify the conversion of carbohydrate glycogen among muscle cells in addition to the liver following in the breakdown of glucose to valuable energy.
A significant increase with nitrogen balance & retention which maintains the body in the favor of achieving and remaining at a optimal anabolic state
This is the game changer that the market has been longing for...

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Bulk Cycle ( D-bol 25mg +...