IMPORTANT: UK residents to pick up package must pay VAT and HANDLING FEE (customs charge)


2 .We are not responsible for eventual:

- obvious postal services errors nor incorrect address provided by customer.

- lost, stolen or damaged items (damaged items could patiently be replaced based on the customer services discretion - customers are required to submit full photos of package and damaged items, for review) PSL is not responsible or liable for the treatment and care with the handling of parcels with the mail carrier services, once all orders are shipped the items are at the mercy of the postal services.

3. Signature required only for international orders

4. Approximate delivery times (from moment we post package):

- express international shipping 10-15 working days

- express USA domestic shipping 2-3 working days

Please note that delivery time not depend from us, depend only from national carrier.


We reserve the right to ship your order 6 days after funds have been officially collected and confirmed by all channels. (This does NOT include automatic updates from money transfer services that send automatic "Received" updates after sender wires funds, this is automated from providers and does not reflect real actual manual time).

If the user account updates with the following info "PAYMENT DETAILS RECEIVED" this is when the 6 day reserved right begins with the ordering process with shipping.

If anything goes wrong with your payment you will be informed about that asap .

This is due to multiple channel communications & confirmations, different time zones need to be considered as a potential with order status updates or what appears to be delays. Weekends are excluded due to the fact of not being an official calendar working business day, Saturday/Sunday are not in the terms with shipping calculation and T/A.

5. Shipping fees :

- all actual shipping costs will show to You in checkout

if you choose products from different category then shipping cost will be summed (shipping from different warehouses ) !!!

6. We ship out all the orders locally (few EU countries) , using only local of those countries postal services.

7. Your Domestic Order tracking number shown/updated in Your PSL account will be active in up to 36-72H. Due to the fact that your Order Tracking number is provided and updated very early.

(Give the track. number approximately 60h. to be active in the system)

8. We hold the right not to ship multiple orders to one address at once.

If you need multiple orders sent at the same time - You need to provide Us with addresses for each and every order that is going to be shipped at the same time.

[If u insist on sending multiple orders to one address at the same time - we will not honor Resend Policy]

9. Shipping delays

We would like to convey that we are aware of our customers questions/concerns and growing anxieties when it pertains to purchases recently made during these difficult times globally with the understaffed sort facilities in the US.

We understand your frustrations and concerns regarding your orders while awaiting pivotal updates from postal carriers on their websites with tracking.

Due to the vast unpredictability and sudden changes with the postal services almost weekly and some in remote areas, we wanted to assure that we presented the most accurate information as possible that is UP TO DATE!

Bear in mind that some of these instances pertaining tracking updates are simply out of our hands, as we are at the mercy of the postal services.

Obviously, SOME people are experiencing shipping delays, backups and other irregularities with "TRACKING UPDATES" in certain geographical locations.

1) Under our normal operating procedures shipping T/A for international it can be anywhere from 10-14 business days on average (Domestic orders only experienced a few slight delays, occasionally, however the DOMESTIC service from P.S.L is operating to its full expectancy with T/A). However, due to the ongoing postal shipping guidelines and other alterations that continuously change we have redressed our shipping methods and adjusted them accordingly with the SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ALERTS and information that is updated and subjected to change almost regularly with the USPS and other mail carrier providers. PLEASE CHECK POSTAL SERVICE WEBITE FOR SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ALERTS IN YOUR AREA.

Regardless of logistical supply chain difficulties and challenges that we may face during these times P.S.L is continuously pressing forward to provide you with the unique and most exceptional service that you need, deserve and expect. Under NO circumstance is OUR network not dispensing your parcels. Once label has been created, please allow ample time for updates (The postal service can take up to 14 days to even reply back when asked about missing items or lack of updates, this should NOT be a reflection on our services. (Check with the postal service to see this for yourself).

2) We would like to advise you to see and recognize the possibly and potentials with shipping delays, backups, or other irregularities with any of your recent purchases. The logistical supply chain has been dealing with limited transportation availability as a result of the on going lack of employment and employee commitment that impacts to the United States  postal services and many other businesses, this includes other regions in the world.

Many large industrial business are having shipments stored and stocked temporarily at different locations, this is putting a strain on small and DOMESTIC services while the mail carry centers attempt to continually operate to the best of their ability for smaller mail delivery's and packages globally, Please visited your regional postal carrier website to read and review any changed that may impact your services and expectancy with items. (We highly suggest this)

3) Further more per the USPS - Global Express Guaranteed Services also have been altered. For a full list of international and domestic updates, refer to The Postal Service's goal continues to be to move packages as expeditiously as possible. The Postal Service continually reviews its network capacity to provide the American public reliable, efficient, and fast-delivery service. We will continue to keep you abreast of improvements in transportation availability and when we will be able to return to normal service levels.

For questions and concerns regarding you recent purchase. Please refer to the terms and conditions that you agreed upon during the check out procedure.

It is our moral obligation and duty to provide you with this information upon check out, However, it is your responsibility to read these terms and conditions and understand them.

For questions and concerns regarding you recent purchase. Please refer to the terms and conditions that you agreed upon during the check out procedure.

It is our moral obligation and duty to provide you with this information upon check out, However, it is your responsibility to read these terms and conditions and understand them.

10. Large orders are always split into few/couple SAFE shipments (to keep the parcel at reasonable size)

a) When the current part/shipment of your order arrives (please confirm it by mail) , we're sending the next right away.

b) To speed up your large order delivery - You need to provide us with additional addresses.

(we CAN NOT ship multiple parts/shipments of your large order at once to the same address)

{If you INSIST on sending multiple parts of your order to the same address (all at once) - We won't HONOR RESEND POLICY.}