1. Resend policy applies only if the order is shipped via priority-registered mail.

2. Resend policy applies only when proof of seizure is provided (photo of seizure letter ) 

- If in the even the tracking status does not change nor a letter of seizure is dispatched after "50 days" has passed - the customer may request an internal investigation be conducted with the shipping department. The quality control department reserve the right on what best course of action my take place regarding the order, all parties will speak with the customer and may approve or disapprove of a refund or reship. Please be prepared to provide the shipping department with a NEW/CLEAN shipping address. It can not under any circumstances be the same one that the previous order was dispensed to where it was seized/lost or damaged.

- In domestic shipping we may reship package if tracking not working after 20 days from moment when package is shipped, we need to have time to contact with usps about it.

3. Strict/obvious resend policy term is that when customers fail to claim/receive his/her order-package on time - and/or - customer provided an incorrect address - we are not obliged to offer a reship/refund due to incorrect customer shipping data. Before checking out, it is your obligation to double check your very own shipping details. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

- A one time courtesy resolution/favor may be considered under unique circumstances, POSSIBLE (depending on customer behavior, in the manor in which CS has been approached and what terms are agreed upon) In such cases - Even up to 25% Discount on your Next FUTURE Order as a kind gesture may be applied.

4. We are not responsible for eventual:

- obvious postal services errors nor incorrect address provided by customer.

- lost, stolen or damaged items (damaged items could patiently be replaced based on the customer services discretion - customers are required to submit full photos of package and damaged items, for review) PSL is not responsible or liable for the treatment and care with the handling of parcels with the mail carrier services, once all orders are shipped the items are at the mercy of the postal services.

5. We will not offer resend policy if you put multiple orders to be dispatched to the (same) address that has not confirmed to be fully clear (received last shipment 1 of 2 orders) - This is our company safe guard just making sure that you are cleared to get all the products you ordered, this is for your safety.

[Please always confirm with customer service that all addresses have received an arrival of all and any parcels - From there we will ship the next portion of your pending items right away to the same address! (completion 2 of 2 packages)
The more addresses you provide for your larger orders, we will ship more parcels at once- the sooner we ship ALL your products, the sooner we may complete and fulfill your orders.

6.  We reserve the right to ship ONE full resend regarding ALL products, this applies ONLY to USA and EUROPE (EXCEPT IRELAND/UK/ SWEDEN/NORWAY/FINLAND/SPAIN)