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Post By Paul Brodnansky
Paul Brodnansky
Whats up fellas, Ive been running with PSL now for too long to sit here and keep my mouth shut. I dont know what you are looking for or what your goals are, but Im a 45 year old laborer and looked into HRT/TRT a couple years ago and found these ...
Post By Ghoulash
Been ordering from PSL for a while, never any issues. Just recently put in an order and got the wrong gear. Sent a message, they apologized, sent me out the correct gear. I was already a loyal customer but after that, I don't even bother with an ...
Post By patrick felton
patrick felton
I've been a customer for years and am quite pleased with products and service. They are continually improving and updating. Exemplary company.
Post By Sam Falgut
Sam Falgut
These guys are nothing but the truth! I put out a order around Christmas and when I got my package the postal service had broke a bottle… well I let them know and they responded super quick and I actually had another order about to be mailed a ...
Post By Robert
This company has some of the best gear gear in the biz- Vision went out of the way with solid recommendations and knowledge -he is a wealth of info and a true asset to PSL -Thanks
Post By Shmicheal
I've ordered from these guys the past 2 years. Amazing quality, any issues I've ever had they always responded and corrected it. Truly amazing customer experience. More importantly though excellent gear.

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Starter/Beginner Cycle
Starter/Beginner Cycle

Euro-Pharmacies Products 1-12 weeks 500mg Testosterone Enanthate (weekly)1-12 weeks 10-20mg Aromasin Everyday to every other day (If needed)1-12 weeks 250iu HCG twice a weekPCT:12-16 weeks 20mg Tamoxifen every day12-16 weeks 50mg Clomid every day3 x...
 20/12/2022  (321)    (1)    (0)

HI Below is a pic displaying crashed gear that was corrected by myself using the method suggested below.. This thread is an attempt to better educate people in this lifestyle that are unfamiliar with crashed gear and for those that may have recen...
 24/01/2021  (227)    (12)    (0)
Effective Fat Loss using the Proper Hormones
Effective Fat Loss using the Proper Hormones

Effective Fat Loss using the Proper Hormones By: The Steroid Guru   "Take some Primo and Equipoise and you’ll get ripped!" I hear people say this kind of thing all the time. Frankly I disagree. I’ll go so far as to say no steroid will ever burn ...
 20/11/2018  (231)    (37)    (0)
When is the Right Time for Insulin in your Program?
When is the Right Time for Insulin in your Program?

When is the Right Time for Insulin in your Program?   By: The Steroid Guru     Insulin is a game changing hormone. Rookies and even advanced bodybuilders are apt to use it, but there are a lot of fears surrounding this incredibly powerful hormon...
 03/11/2018  (140)    (17)    (0)
Mixing Peptides and Gear
Mixing Peptides and Gear

Mixing Peptides and Gear   By: The Steroid Guru   There’s a lot of hype about how best to use peptides with your gear. Take a look at this article to get an early look into how to get the most bang for your buck. Peptides like GHRP-6, CJC, Ipamo...
 14/10/2018  (173)    (23)    (0)