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Winstrol 50 50mg/ml, 15ml/vial - Euro-Pharmacies - USA

Winstrol 50 50mg/ml, 15ml/vial - Euro-Pharmacies


Chemical Name: Stanozolol
Presentation:15100ml/vial, 50mg/ml oily solution
Active Life:Around 48 hours
Drug Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid
Average Dose:50-150mg/day

Shipping from EUROPE


Oil Base Stanozolol 50mg/mL  
Euro-Pharmacies has been busy one again bioengineering and synthesizing a NEW formula of Stanozolol OIL-base
 that is a better version to it's counter part known as Stanozolol water-base which has been distinguished as a culprit for creating abscesses and site irritation and/or infections in some sensitive users.
This all NEW oil base formula is entirely consistence and user friendly with other "carrier oil" compound in the same syringe for multiple goals and compound mixtures for user conveniences.
The all NEW oil-base is fast acting as there is NO ester attached, at the same time having a considerably long half-life and users can limit their injections to every other day in lieu of ED.. Although everyday will yield better blood plasma, it is not entirely necessary..
What to expect -
Adipose tissue loss/fat burning.
Improvement of NEW quality muscle growth, specifically muscle density.
Performance enhancement
Additional grit, steadfastness and out-put
Augmentation with great influence in body composition and index
Enhanced appetite and nutrition partitioning
Euro Pharmacies making yet an other chapter in the anabolic world...

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Winstrol 50 50mg/ml,...