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A big thank you to everybody over at PSL for choosing me to become a logger as I have ran a few Cycles before but nothing crazy as of right now sticking to a medication I've used before and for a time length I have used before this will be a 16-week cycle

Height 6'3

Starting weight 225 lb

Body fat percent I have no fucking clue

My personal goal here is to pack on 10 to 15 lb of clean muscle

As for training I will be following a regimen of push pull legs and on rest days incorporating light cardio

Calories looking at about 3500 a day

The cycle week 1-16

500mg a week of testosterone cypionate

300 mg of Deca a week

Week 10-16

GW-0742 starting at 10mg a day and see what my body thinks of it

MK-677 20mg a day to also think of what my body thinks of it

I have also been running psl peptide

Cjc-1295 with dac at 1000mcg a week

And I'm thinking about incorporating the mk677 in with the CJC from good things I have been reading about it if any of the Orioles get started early it will probably be the mk677

Follow  my progres  and updates :

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