MONSTRO Road to Fibo 2024

MONSTRO Road to Fibo 2024


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Road to Fibo 2024

Begin: 25-01-2024 Weight: 103.3kg

Goal: Achieve my best condition ever ( 46 years old)

Cycle From PSL

Test E 2100mg week

Tren 1400mg week

Masteron 1400mg week

Winstrol oral100mg day

Superdrol 30mtg day

T4 100mncg day

t3 12,5mcg day

Clenbuterol 120mch day

Proviron 50mg day ( maybe 100 ? )

Exemestano 25mcg day

Raloxifen 60mg day

Dostinex 0,25mcg 2x week

HGH 10ius before bed and 10ius fasted morning

IGF 200ius pre workout


Telmisartan 8mg day

Ursafalk ( liver protect)


6 Meals

450gr protein

200gr carbs per day

Zero fats

Water 6 liters

Sleep 8/9 Hours ( i need more to fully recover but a lot of work to do )


Monday: Chest + Triceps

Tuesday: Back + Biceps

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Arms

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: REST

* 6 exercises of 4 sets for chest , back and legs , 4 for shoulders, biceps and triceps .

* reps from 6 to 15 , some exercises i go heavier others lighter butg always focus on slow negatives, full contraction , squeeze.

Never train more than 3 days in a row , and no more than 5x week

Cardio: ZERO


You  can follow my  progres :

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