Mixing Peptides and Gear

Mixing Peptides and Gear


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Mixing Peptides and Gear


By: The Steroid Guru


There’s a lot of hype about how best to use peptides with your gear. Take a look at this article to get an early look into how to get the most bang for your buck. Peptides like GHRP-6, CJC, Ipamorelin and others like MGF and IGF-1 can offer real benefits to a steroid user, perhaps even allowing less steroids to be used for the same results.

GHRP-S like GHRP-6 offer stimulated appetite, greater GH levels, and faster recover. And as we all know; increased GH leads to increased IGF-1. injecting synthetic IGF-1 doesn’t work quite the same as when you raise your own levels through increasing growth hormone.

Steroids increase IGF-1 and lower cortisol. These are two aspects in which you receive some of the potential benefits from AAS. Adding a growth hormone releasing peptide increases IGF even more, and even though it will raise cortisol, because your using AAS that aspect is somewhat negated. Growth hormone releasing peptides can also help burn fat by increasing glycogenesis, which is when glucose molecules are added to chains of glycogen for storage, this allows for greater glycogen uptake, and at the same time increases lipolysis resulting in a bigger, leaner you. Greater IGF-1 levels cause an increase in hypertrophy of the muscle, and activation of satellite muscle cells allowing them to mature. The added anabolic effect of the AAS and you can really change your physique in a very short period of time.

CJC increases IGF levels more dramatically than any other GHRH. And if it’s used for short periods, no longer than 12 weeks, then it can really increase muscle mass at a dose of 2000mcg upwards a week. As a warning, higher doses can cause drowsiness as it is a very useful sleep aid for those suffering with insomnia, in that it increases REM and slow wave sleep. This is also your most anabolic period of rest, during slow wave sleep, your body recovers and grows.

If you are on a bulk Hexarelin or GHRP-6 can increase hunger and appetite so much that it’s possible to add over a 1lb a day. Anyone who’s camped next to the refrigerator after a dose of either will know exactly what I'm talking about, as your craving for food makes you feel like a junky as you shake and perspire barely able to get the food in your mouth fast enough - a huge benefit if size is your goal.

Whatever bulking cycle you choose it does not matter. The way you are going to use GHRP-6 for a bulking cycle is always going to be the same. You will start your GHRP at the very start of your cycle day one, and run it all the way to the end of the cycle every day. You are going to be taking a dose 300mcg twice a day. You will be injecting it sub-q and using a 1ml insulin pin. You will start off with a 5mg vile of GHRP-6 and some bacteriostatic water, along with your 1ml insulin pin. Take 2ml of bacteriostatic water and put this into your 5mg vile of GHRP-6 using your insulin pin.

Then to get your 300mcg dose you will take your slin pin and draw up to the 6th tick mark on your slin pin. By tick mark I mean every single little tiny black line on your pin is a tick mark. So, draw all the way up to the 6th tick mark and this will equal 300mcg dose. You will take this and inject it sub-q twice a day. A sub q inject into the stomach is so easy and so painless anyone can do it.

Now that you understand everything let us go over how to use GHRP during pct. Here we are going to be taking a dose of 150mcg 3 times a day spread out. You will want to start this the very same day your cycle ends and run this for about a good 2 months or longer if desired. To get your 150mcg dose you will take your 5mg veil of GHRP and this time add 3ml of bac water to the veil. Then take your insulin pin and draw up to the 5th tic mark. This will then give you a dose of 150mcg and you will inject this morning, noon, and, night. Please notice the difference here guys. With the on cycle for bulking dose you are added 2ml of bac water and drawing up to the 6th tick mark. With the PCT dosing you are added 3ml of bac water and drawing up to the 5th tick park on your insulin pins.

GHRP-6 is one of the best and most effective peptides on the market today. With proper use this peptide can go a long way in helping you reach new heights. Whether you are 180lb trying to reach 200lb.Or just finishing up a great cycle and looking to retain as much gains as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of what GHRP-6 has to offer.


For me personally, this is where Ipamorelin really comes into its own, as we all know during PCT cortisol wants to skyrocket, and as it increases it takes away some of your circulating free test, and tries to cause fat storage, Ipamorelin has little to no action on prolactin or cortisol. Two big enemies during PCT. And as a unique peptide being able to cause a secondary release of GH about 6 hours after the first, it’s ideal to use at night. Many users are finding a 1000mcg shot right before bed helps recovery and sleep and wake feeling refreshed and dry - not puffy as with other GHRP’s.

Increasing GH is very important during PCT as IGF levels are also declining, if your taking Nolva, then the decline can be even more dramatic, making it nearly impossible to add any muscle, and also really hampering your ability to maintain gains.

Here in this situation a fast acting GHRH like Semorelin and Ipamorelin, work together in tandem to increase GH and IGF levels systematically.

Another great way to use GHRP-6 is to lower the dose and spread it out more. By dropping your dosing down to 150mcg and injecting 3 times a day you can create less of an increase and serge of appetite but still get some of the benefits to this drug. This would be the dose I would use during pct. Often during pct we start using serms, Ai’s and other harsh drugs (not what I would use) and these drugs lower our appetite, cause joint pain, lower the immune system, drop IGF levels, and all around make us feel like crap in every way.

A small dose of GHRP-6 (100-150mcg 2-3 times a day) can counteract all of this. This will significantly raise IGF-1 levels, give us back our normal appetite, ward off fat gain, give alleviation to joints, help a bit with nutrition retention, and raise the immune system.

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