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Clenbuterox-INJ (Clenbuterol) - 50mcg/ml 10ml/vial - Euro-Pharmacies


Supplier: Euro-Pharmacies
Chemical name: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
Comes in: 50mcg/ml
Active time: approximately 65 hours
Class: Beta-2-symphatonimetriz/thermalgenic

Shipping from Europe

Clenbuterol injectable

Now as many may already know, clenbuterol is a very effective fat burning agent, It may be found in many forms in different delivery carrier vehicles, whether it's a pill/tablet, liquid oral solution, or even in raw powder form and inhalers and most of all specifically for this topic the injectable form.

In recent times there has been some debate about what's the best and most preferred way to utilize clenbuterol?! 

There's a lot of talk/debate with taking the oral version as being more superior via its systemic effects, verse the injectable having a localized effect. This debate also mentions its concerns with the oral being a bit more unpleasant when it pertains to an elevated heart rate, anxiety, shakiness and other related side effects. 

Regardless of the administered route there will be a systemic effect to some sort of degree.

The oral being far superior, yet the injectable is said that you do not need nearly as much in order to achieve the same desired results with far less physical side effects. 

The overall result regardless of the root of administration is there will be an increase in body temperature and which burns the stored adipose tissue, the desire goal.

There is very little research out there regarding the true effects of the injectable version of clenbuterol verse the oral, yet there's more anecdotal data that can support itself very well.

In fact, It is becoming very popular with athletes and competitors worldwide with using the injectable version of climbuterol simultaneously with yohimbe for localized site targeting fatty areas. 

Although the combination is not entirely necessary, users are still reporting that the injectable version is not only convenient in many ways, It is often emphasized that the overall systemic effects especially the elevated heart rate is much minimal. (Dosage depending). This is where anecdotal reports are indicating that the injection version may in fact out class the oral pill/tablet administration. 

Suggested dosages:

Regardless of the root of administration, it is always advisable to start off low and slowly work your way up, It is most important to bear in mind that you do not have to feel the physical systemic effects an order for the drug to be working effectively.

Subcutaneous injections at 20-40mcg daily should be a great starting point for just about any individual and upwards to 100-140mcg.

It is important to mention that it may be necessary for a small but regular increase in dosages in order to keep its effectiveness. However, have situational awareness with higher dosages, side effects may be increased and often may feel unpleasant.

Just like the oral application, it will be necessary to be tampered off in order to return to a normalized state in which this period is known as the downtime, it is not unusual or out of the ordinary for people to only use this compound for 2 to 3 weeks max. (This is the safest time frame window, dosage depending)

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