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Ephedrine 50mg/tab - 24 tabs/box View larger

Ephedrine 50mg/tab - 24 tabs/box

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Supplier: ERN
Chemical Name: Ephedrine 
Comes In: 24tabs/box
Dosage: 25-50mg per day 
Active time: 5-6 Hours 

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Ephedrine Fat-loss agent or Nootropic or both, Read on and purchase here!

Ephedrine is found as an alkaliod that comes from an ancient plant discovered by the
 Chinese in a shrub, as most have read over the years with the good/bad or promising or supposedly the ugly about this agent..

For now, let's tap into the true properties about this misunderstood 
First; it has been used by the Chinese for medicinal purposes for literally several thousand of years, with great 
success. It has unfortunately attracted a bad rap due to abuse by simply just modern humans, it's in our nature of the western world with our mindsets.. It was new for the western world at one point, so it comes at no surprise that it took people by storm and was abused due to the lack of knowledge or understanding about its true characteristics and limitations that were unknown as it "ripped" thought physiques and the market literally.
About Ephedrine: The purest alkaloid ephedrine was first isolated and characterized by Nagai in 1885. It was then forgotten until it was rediscovered by Chen and Schmidt in the early 1920s (Fact checked)
Now, due to the fact that ephedrine is a sympathomimetic agent and amplifies the CNS "central nervous system" as a pathway enhancer, a stimulant, much like other stimulates. In fact it can display similar effects, within reason..
Like all sorts of naturally found stimulates in our history this includes even man made/genetically modified stims or compounded chems, this agent has been used frequently to enhanced alertness, acting like an energy power plant/motor for greater energy out-put all the while improving strength for some, performance, endurance, reducing fatigue, and super charging cognitive functions/increase alertness, improved reaction time, and even increase raw power. It has been favored for years in the 60s'70s only to vanish for a while and make a grand return aimed at improving sport performance in athletes, while individuals capitalizing on the properties displaying alertness by improving the brain functions much like a nootropic.. Most of all, it was a craze in the diet trends of the 90's and 2000's
Did I just suggest that it's like a nootropic? That is correct. It has also been used as a nootropic much like other stimulant's have been, depending on user response and sensitive
Ephedrine HCL is ultimately became typically more well known as a diet pill and pre-workout supplement for bodybuilders, athletes, including fitness models and famous actors who wished to build muscle and burn fat for their targeting role or show aiming to be in their best appearance..
About the nootropic properties and suggested brain boosting abilities, for work, studies or even for high level business meetings in hopes to be crisp and sharp.. This is known to still be used today in the UGL market, yet once upon a time it was common in both ancient powers and high rank positions in civilizations long, long ago.
Ephedrine, this CNS stimulant has the ability in which is known to give you a major energy boost and energetically improve concentration in most users. GREAT FOR PWO!

Before you consider this agent for its low dosage nootropic properties, get a physical check up from you general Physician and speak about your families history and possible genetic-predispositions as this could be detrimental to you health or even mental state with anxiety..
Dosages: This may range from 5-25mgs, depending on goals or other agents stacked with it known as the famous ECA stack for fat lose (if diet is on point)
This agent could possible be considered DNP's little sister with a better attitude and more use friendly at safe/low dosages
Note: This has originally be intended for therapeutically treatments and administrations with bronchodilator restrictions, nasal decongestant and other asthma symptom relievers.. This could improve cardio!
(Please seek medical advice if you have any underlining health conditions for using)

If you are reading this, I'm confident that you are seeking assistance to get fit and lose some unwanted body weight...

The team can assist with that here at www.PuritySourceLabs.ru
Intriguingly enough Ephedrine is actually very similar to other nootropics supplements.. What separates this from the rest is that it has a high affinity with increasing the metabolic rate at the same time complimenting ones cognitive enhancement and weight loss focus and desire. Many other compounds claiming to be one in the same with this agent and nootropics as a instructional tool to weight loss or a PWO, claims made due to there claims to some how promote energetically higher levels of sustained energy levels tailored by focusing on ones motivation and even claims improve muscle to mind connection for that killer pump and isolation stimulation per muscle head.
Down sides; It can suppress and ultimately make the appetite non existing while promoting thermogenesis, turning up the heat in which the body finds a fuel energy source (adipose tissue) Desire weight loss.

What is thermogenesis: This is the process in which your entire system converts calories into body heat., much like Trenbolone has been known to do. Increasing your metabolic rate, at times allowing more refeeds during a re-comp phase or bulk.. When Glycogen storage is sufficient enough you do not have to worry about flatting out and keeping "some " hard earned tissue from being wasted. Know your limits and timing, education and cation is key.

Safe or not? Yes, this agent is very safe when used in moderation and like a mature adult while consuming electrolytes, fluids, vitamins and minerals and most of all blood work.
There is NO need to exceed 25mgs, and no longer than 8 weeks, when stacked in the ECA combo, limit duration for AM use only, with fasted cardio.

Stim stack combo for fat loss:
 Ephedrine 25mgs with 200mg caffeine and aspirin. Take no later than noon, depending on a normal sleeping routine 9-10pm thru 5-6am..
Take on empty stomach with glass of water upon waking up (5'6am), 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar and 1tbsp of lemon juice with a few shakes of pink Himalayan sea salt pre- fasted cardio.. 5 days a week


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Ephedrine 50mg/tab - 24 tabs/box

Ephedrine 50mg/tab - 24 tabs/box

Supplier: ERN
Chemical Name: Ephedrine 
Comes In: 24tabs/box
Dosage: 25-50mg per day 
Active time: 5-6 Hours 

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