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1 amp - TAD600- Glutatione 646mg/vial (without water)

1 amp - TAD600- Glutatione 646mg/vial (without water)


Supplier: Biomedica Foscama ,Italy
Chemical Name:Glutatione
Comes In: 600mg/vial
Dosage: 600mg one or twice per week
Active time: 1-3 days
Class:Anti oxidant & anti Toxins therapy

EXP DATE 10/23

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TAD-600 (Glutathione)

Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver. It's also found in fruits, vegetables, & meats.

People take glutathione by mouth for treating cataracts & glaucoma, preventing aging, treating or preventing alcoholism, asthma, cancer, heart disease, hepatitis, liver disease, diseases that weaken the body’s defense system (including AIDS & chronic fatigue syndrome), memory loss, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis, & Parkinson’s disease.
Glutathione in Health & Disease:

Just as high glutathione levels are related to increased survival & longer life in all organisms tested so far, lower levels are related to poorer health & a number of chronic degenerative diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, genitourinary, gastrointestinal, & musculoskeletal diseases, age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), preeclampsia, cataracts, chronic renal failure, leukemia, respiratory diseases like COPD & adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), hearing loss, & AIDS.1,10-14 
Glutathione is also taken for maintaining the body’s immune system & fighting metal & drug poisoning. TAD has a multitude of benefits, most commonly used in the BB community for protecting the liver & heart, as well as keeping a higher immune system (when you get sick gains are typically lost pretty quickly, so this is especially beneficial when leading up to a competition. Glutathione is a tripeptide molecule composed of glutamic acid, cysteine & glycine. It is one of the main nonprotein antioxidants in the cell, & has been referred to as the body’s Master Antioxidant.

How it works:

Glutathione is active in many processes in the body, including tissue building & repair, making chemicals & proteins needed in the body, & for the immune system.

Side Effects:

Glutathione is Possibly safe for most adults when taken by mouth, by inhalation, or by injection into the muscle or into the veins. But the possible side effects are not known. 


While many people take TAD different ways Doctors typically will dose glutathione at 400-600 3-7 times a week.

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1 amp - TAD600- Glutatione...

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