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Post By Marcus
Very happy with this site. On one order, they sent me the wrong product. When I contacted them they ...
Post By John Doesher
John Doesher
I have about 4 orders now over the past 15 months. They are legit and seem to be quite sophisticated ...
Post By Seager
Legit. As ordered. Hands down best company around. Excellent service and discreet shipping. Will be ...


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Austin I just want to say vision is the best all the way around anytime I ever had a question or a comment he was always there and I'm talking since I first started it didn't matter if it was 3am he would get on the phone and message me back now im not sure about you but I've never seen customer service like that he has honestly been there every step of the way from when I first started until now he is truly a dedicated man and I love that he truly keeps psl running at top gear and I appreciate that so much honestly He makes me feel like family not a customer and I've never experienced that before. Vision was my first contact and I'm so thankful because of him I'm psl for life and im not going anywhere the psl team is awesome in everyway but without vision I wouldn't of placed my first order and been where I am many orders down the line he is a great person and it's crazy to say when I've never met him in person but I can tell he truly cares and that means so much. Thank you for everything vision your truly an awesome person and you have made me a customer for life and that's not just me its other people I know. Because I'm far from the only one. Your great bro much love.
Posted by Austin


Jeremy I have been ordering from PSL for years now and not only have they never let me down, but they have ALWAYS gone beyond the call of duty to make sure I have gotten my meds!! THANK YOU, PSL, for EVERYTHING! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Posted by Jeremy


Eric PSL is the ONLY game in town for me! Quality, fast shipping and easy to contact!
Posted by Eric


Sam M Just received my order today very fast shipping , great packaging , awesome quality , awesome customer service will never go somewhere else
Posted by Sam M


John I had found this site from a friend I met through EBAY from GREECE. Nicest Guy of Life & from what i Can see of this site, it is Very Well laid out, the pricing is Very fair & I will be placing my 1st but Hopefully Not last Order This week. I am a Veteran When it comes to Bodybuilding & haven't found such a professional, responsive, Customwr Oriented Website in Quite Some time! I applaud you on Your " Family " atmosphere & that ALL persons are treated w Dignity & Respect, whether it be their 1st or 100th order. Great Job! Absolutely Great Job! If there are Ever Any specials untilizing my current " Favorites" Kindly email Me & give me a few days Notice, as I am Running Numerous Websites- legitimate, plus I am involved in other Business Ventures, but I can Honestly say that I am Extremely Happy that my friend turned me on to this Particular Site. I wish you The Absolute Best! If I can help you in ANY way, Pls, Feel Free to contact Me, as it would be a Privilege to help you & at a More than Extremely Fair Price. Giovanni Sr.
Posted by John


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