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Jon Great site , legit gear , good test, sex pills and the mostly used for me Anavar, tested all the products with the typical roids test and they always pass no questions, never actually checked blood but definitely worked by mirror results!
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mswain I've been doing business with PSL for about two years. I have had ZERO issues. Great products, great customer service. What else can anyone ask for when buying on the net?
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Gashred777 PSL gear and customer service are both fantastic. Vision specifically is unrivaled in his ability to go above and beyond to meet customer needs. He recently helped me in 2 different situations and I can’t speak highly enough of him. Thank you Vision and thank you PSL!
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Matt Just got my shipment in on Friday July10th. Ordered on July 3rd. It was domestic, but still, super fast!!! These guys are top notch. My order total was $540, had a limit on my account and could only send $500. I sent my $$ with a note to just send 1 vial, less. Purity sent everything I wanted anyways! Awesome stuff!
Posted by Matt


GymGod410 I'm loving the products and services, I placed my first order a few weeks ago, and I must say they are the real deal, keep on doing what you are doing PSLABS, I will be planning a new cycle soon nothing special but just enough for my goals,primo is on the list so far.
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