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buffdiggity Been in the game since 95 and I've worked with lots of suppliers. PSL is A+ in my book.
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PSL Vision Just want to say how amazing PSL is Vision hooked me and my wife who is on the forum when we first come on here. We did a husband wife transformation contest. He was always checking on us.Great customer service
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SleevedOut First order with PSL and I couldn't have done it without Vision! Responsive, friendly and professional! PSL is now my go-to!
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9TMARE PSL has been great to me but my man Vision has been behind me the entire time with all my orders and questions. He goes above and beyond. I do know he’s a busy guy but he takes the time to work with me and probably hundreds of others. It doesn’t stop there either, on the forums he is always active, always posting solid information and brings a very positive vibe. This guy deserves a raise lol!
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Salvaje1028 First time ordering had a few question i pm Vision he answer me back fast great knowledge guy he answer all my question explain everything told me to let him know if i need anything ask me what i was getting i told him he told me the best way to use those compound he done it before and i was going to love it PSL got good gear good service good people and Vision thank you .you got a customer for life here brother ,
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