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Matt I got tired of over paying for TRT. I was always hesitant to purchase my own goods. Other online options seemed sketch at best and overwhelming for a noob like me. I'm not a body builder, I'm just a guy trying to keep test levels up. After recommendation from someone who knows his stuff, and is a long time customer, I'd thought I'd give PSL a try. The fact they are domestic in the U.S. is a game changer! From time I placed order to when I received order was approximately 15 days. Would have been faster but ordered on Friday, was a holiday weekend the following weekend and I can't read so forgot to send payment confirmation email. Even so, better than waiting a month for shipping, and hoping it doesn't get stopped by customs, from Europe.
Customer service is top notch. I asked a stupid question and got a response within hours. They are discrete and the payment process is relatively easy.(as long as you read
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JT Cha Great quick service thank you so much for being on point with everything will be placing my next order very soon appreciate all the help!!!
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Erik I was a bit skeptical at first as it took a long time between processing payment and receiving the goods, but when the goods arrived it was quickly apparent it was the real deal.

I ordered sustanon, DHB, and anavar.
I'm not a bodybuilder (I used to be) so this was more to aid me in getting more explosive in my sport and aid with recovery. I only used 250mg of test and 100mg of DHB per week combined with 30mg of Anavar per day.

I have put on 4kg and visibly lost fat. This is while my main training is endurance based and I don't eat in a Kcalorie surplus, weight gain wasn't my intended outcome, but it just goes to show how effective a little bit of good quality gear is even if putting on muscle mass isn't your main priority.

In terms of getting the benefits I was looking for, I got those in spades as well.

My go -to source from now on.
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Marcus Very happy with this site. On one order, they sent me the wrong product. When I contacted them they immediately sent me the correct order at no extra cost. Another time, my order was confiscated by customs and they resent me the order at no extra charge. On top of that, the product is top notch.
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John Doesher I have about 4 orders now over the past 15 months. They are legit and seem to be quite sophisticated with reliable customer service. I always follow the directions they give when purchasing and have no issues.
I’ve only used euro pharmacies brand gear which is great but now am thinking about trying others. Thanks PSL
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