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dm167485 I bought the pivotal labs sustanon 250. GTG!!!

Felt the effects sudden, the first gear that hit this hard and effective.
Did a roidtest kit on it. Initial reaction tested hot for prop and before the minute was up tested dark brown for SUS 250 like it should.

Also quickly reacted max potency with the G test, instant brown almost black.

These guys are the real deal.
Posted by dm167485


Roberto Rodriguez I’m received my order on time.
I recommended this company
I buy any product from them again .
Thank you
Posted by Roberto Rodriguez


James Been pretty skeptical of ordering online even after looking around but PSL was a lot. Took my chances and the Bitcoin process wasn’t that difficult and received my order in 5 days domestic. 2 days on Sus and I know it’s legit.
Thank you PSL Team
Posted by James


Brian PSL comes through again love the test I have received from the team at PSL my go to spot
Posted by Brian


Danno I’m very pleased with the quality and service this company has provided! Just received my second order. They have a customer for life!
Posted by Danno


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