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Marcus Very happy with this site. On one order, they sent me the wrong product. When I contacted them they immediately sent me the correct order at no extra cost. Another time, my order was confiscated by customs and they resent me the order at no extra charge. On top of that, the product is top notch.
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John Doesher I have about 4 orders now over the past 15 months. They are legit and seem to be quite sophisticated with reliable customer service. I always follow the directions they give when purchasing and have no issues.<br/> I’ve only used euro pharmacies brand gear which is great but now am thinking about trying others. Thanks PSL
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Seager Legit. As ordered. Hands down best company around. Excellent service and discreet shipping. Will be lifelong customer.
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Seager Order arrived discrete, shipped well and as expected. Legit company and products. Lifelong customer.
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Rob I just wanted to say that the professionalism of this outfit is top notch. My mind is blown at how fast and accurately I receive my products. I have been ordering from this company for years and years and I am consistently impressed on all levels. One time, my products were unfortunately seized.... PSL covered the entire cost of the seizure plus my products shipped AND in no time flat. Excellent. Thank you PSL!! Never had a problem not once and I have confidence at this point that this company will never let me down!!
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