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GymGod410 I'm loving the products and services, I placed my first order a few weeks ago, and I must say they are the real deal, keep on doing what you are doing PSLABS, I will be planning a new cycle soon nothing special but just enough for my goals,primo is on the list so far.
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WesleyPipes Tried PSL recently after seeing them all over the forums. I have nothing but good things to say. Everything from browsing, to ordering, to receiving the product was a breeze. Been using their sust, mast, and anavar for about 2 months now and I can truly say that this gear is solid. 10/10 would use PSL again.
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Jeremy I am so grateful for PSL!! GOOD QUALITY! GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! GOOD PRICES and GOOD SHIPPING!!! After all these years, I still come back for more and more!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO, PSL!! You are GREATLY APPRECIATED for this type 1 diabetic!!!
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Dblbass128 I truly feel bad for the people playing Russian Roulette using other sources they heard about from a friend in some forum in some far out galaxy. These guys have been super fast since I started using them back in December of 2018. I swear they’ve gotten faster with each order. Loyalty points are a great reward considering their products are a reward in themselves that you don’t have to worry about whether or not what your putting in your body is what the you’re actually told you bought. Thanks again Vision and the PSL team.
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buffdiggity Been in the game since 95 and I've worked with lots of suppliers. PSL is A+ in my book.
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