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DrC Received proper order at exactly seven days after my initial order. Packaging could be better, but all came unharmed. Will be placing another order.
Posted by DrC


Doug P Everything I have ever ordered from PSL has been top notch. Domestic has been great with their Pivitol and Euro has been great with international. Will be placing many orders in future!
Posted by Doug P


Christophe L Moreau They're legit. They're fast. They're priced awesome.<br/>They're the best I've ever used. I'll be their customer for life.
Posted by Christophe L Moreau


Joseph I was very skeptical at first ordering from puritysource not knowing if they were a scammer like many other companies but with there instant feedback and responses and superb delivery it is no question that they are the best in the market and plan on using them for many years to come! Highly recommend using puritysource! You will not be disappointed
Posted by Joseph


Wade Have ordered from these guys a few times and it was business as usual. But this last time my order got stopped at customs. After contacting them, 2 days later I had a new order being sent my way and about a week later I had my order. Amazing product and amazing service
Posted by Wade


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