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CUTTING MIX - 200mg/ml - 10 ml vial EP GOLD

CUTTING MIX - 200mg/ml - 10 ml vial - Euro-Pharmacies GOLD

Chemical Name:Trenbolone acetate 100mg  ,  Testosterone Propionate 100mg 
Comes In: 10ml vial - 200 mg/ml
Dosage: 50mg-200mg /EOD
Active time: 3days
Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid
Shipping from Europe

This simple and very basic blend has been favored many times over in the body-building world for well over a decade, rightfully so, as it has earned it place as one of the most simplest yet effective & convenient blends on the market today. To this day standing it is still the most commonly used blend world-wide.

This is a simple yet convenient blend offering both testosterone Propionate 100mg/mL and Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/mL equaling 200mg/mL of both fast acting esters for a "rapid" onset with serums in the blood concentration, one can expect a fast a noticeable effect that will promote and increase strength, size, fat-loss with an increase in libido for most men. This blend can offer multifunctional roles, whether the goal is cutting or gaining lean muscle mass, it has often been reported throughout the years that this combination of short esters did not disappoint, continuously exceeding peoples expectations.

This anabolic & androgenic mix can be used solo with exceptional results for almost any user. Cycle lengths can range from 6-8 weeks with an average dosage of 100mg 1/2mL everyday or 200mg/mL every-other day.
More advanced user may incorporate Oxandrolone (Anavar) at 20-40mgs everyday for fat-loss and lean muscle gains. Some users may often add Methandienone (Dbol) for fast and rapid strength and muscle mass increase.

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CUTTING MIX - 200mg/ml - 10...

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