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Chemical Name: Testosterone Isocaproate
Comes In: 10ml vial - 100 mg/ml
Dosage: 50-200mg/day
Active time:3-5 days
Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid

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Testosterone Isocaproate

Dosage may range from 100mgs to 300mgs 2 x a week or every 7 days with it's 9.5 half life
Most common will be seen at 500mgs E6D but it's not uncommon to see dosages high as 1000-1500mgs weekly or greater!

This Testosterone ester is between a short and long ester having a half-life of 4 days thus the reason users employ 2 x weekly injections to better assure more stable blood levels but most can get away with once every 7-8 days, in fact users claim this ester to be superior to the most common Testosterone cypionate although they are extremely similar in with half lives and both being a testosterone..User favor this over its relative esters for many reasons and state a greater sense of well being, more alpha with steady and stable gains.
Like most mid to long esters that are well known for minimal site irritation, this ester has a stellar reputation for providing more comfort,less pip thus making it a superior alternative one a user is seeking a fast and immediate responsewith their cycle kick in time as many claim it fires quickly unlike most min and long esters. This creates a greater platform hosting many advantageous reasons to employ this agent over Testosterone Propionate..One of the reasons Testosterone has made its way across the PED lifestyle is most due to its large availability and cheap raw costs. As with Testosterone Isocaprote was hard to find on the market unlike Sust250 and it was at one point rather more expensive in raw forum compared to its close related esters..Now this compound has been extremely popular and affordable..Because of its raising popularity and availability in raw forum this agent has been making quite the statement that it's a force to be respected, in fact it possessed a bad rep and was underrate, this was soon expressed and proven wrong..

Like any Testosterone esters on the market, an anti-estrogen will still need to be employed due to aromatesing properties..
One of the great effects with this androgen is that it creates an environment/platform for fat burning..DIET without a doubt is crucial, and the pivotal player..However, there is real science behind fat loss and Testosterone, but please don't put all your money on it solely as an effective combatant..But nonetheless it's effective when a proper diet and training regiment is structured.

Androgens like Testosterone Phenyl Propionate that are seen and recognized on the high/or moderate androgenic scale will in fact promote/increase lypolysis..Thus andros have a higher binding affinity to AR's..
FYI; Androgen receptors are found throughout cellular groups, as well as FAT and muscle cell/groups, now we know that they initiate a response on AR's in muscle cells to promote size/growth, at the same given time they will have a cascade of effects on other cells and AR's found therein fat cells inducing activity/burning..
Higher/more potent the androgen binds to the androgen receptors, the greater the lipolytic response will be on adipose tissue (brown or white)...

Now lets take into great consideration AR up-regulation with the presence of androgens like Testosterone, with more AR sites throughout targeting tissue now there's a vast amount of activity in which a complex interplay between activation and inactivation mechanisms and signaling between cell groups, what People need to remember that hormones are "chemical messengers"(testosterone) rely messages to cells that display specific receptors for each hormone and respond to the signaling..Depending on the compounds and the individuals metabolization ratio the hormone can/may make changes directly to a cell, by changing the genes that are activated, or by making changes indirectly to a cell by stimulating other signaling pathways inside a specific cell group that is effected and effect other processes, thus this can "initiate" an intracellular cascade of events.. So, the notion that fat loss is NOT presence, and to mitigate that AAS don't posses any fat loss properties is absurd...
There's an abundance of clinical research and peer-reviewed data that strongly supports testosterone (and other AAS) fat reducing actions and its preventative impact on adipocyte generation...As AAS (especially Testosterone) acts both in the breakdown of existing fat tissue and to hinder pre-adipocytes from maturing.

Performance enhancement usage: Dosages can range from 50mgs E3D to 300mg E5D of even 200mgs E3D and at times 500mg+ E7D, its ability to help athletes remain dry while gaining lean quality muscle makes it ideal to be employed as complimentary/synergistic drug to a cycle combo during a body-recomp, cut phase or even pre-competition.

Aromatization: YES
Half-life: 3-5 days
Acne: Yes (based upon user sensitivity)
Desire effects: Physical/mantel wellness improvement, increase sex drive and sense of well-being,
improved endurance, strength and faster muscle tissue buildup and regeneration.
Androgenic/Anabolic rating: 100 / 100

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