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Post By mswain
I've been doing business with PSL for about two years. I have had ZERO issues. Great products, great ...
Post By Gashred777
PSL gear and customer service are both fantastic. Vision specifically is unrivaled in his ability to ...
Post By Matt
Just got my shipment in on Friday July10th. Ordered on July 3rd. It was domestic, but still, super ...

"Temporary security shipping practice" 

(this safe shipping practice method will be subjected to change and return to normal). 
New shipping cost is 50$ (this is much safer and secure method that is being used)
T/A - 12-15 days 
Most importantly due to customs in some areas and heightened security we've improvised a temporary "safe shipping protocol".
We here at PSL will not be sending product vials boxes/leaflets, unfortunately clients will not have the ability to verify products at the moment, this is temporarily in effect, we deeply apologize for any inconveniences, shipping with boxes would prove to be impossible without interferences (this safe shipping practice method will be subjected to change and return to normal). 
Furthermore, HGH/peptides will be sent without water, only GH/peptides vials are available at the moment..
ALL orals will be sent like always/originally in baggies - we will surely be updating things as times goes on.
This is in effect for everyone's safety and security - Please understand as we ask you all to remain patient with us!
We're just excited to be opening the doors once again, bear with us on this re-opening as we try to provide everyone with the services that they need and expect!