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Very happy with this site. On one order, they sent me the wrong product. When I contacted them they ...
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John Doesher
I have about 4 orders now over the past 15 months. They are legit and seem to be quite sophisticated ...
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Legit. As ordered. Hands down best company around. Excellent service and discreet shipping. Will be ...
When is the right time for HGH?

When is the right time for HGH?

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When is the right time for HGH?


By: The Steroid Guru




How do you know when the time is right to start taking HGH? There’s a ton of confusion online and every expert has their opinion on the matter. Is it just for the advanced, uber wealthy, or pro athletes? And should you do UGL or pharma? Ahh, there are so many questions to be had before preparing and buying your first cycle of growth hormone.


First off, don’t do what many people do and exhaust every steroid cycle and extreme dosage under the sun trying to make things cost effective. The results from steroids and HGH are very different. If you think you can get similar results on Test/Tren as if you were actually using HGH you would be mistaken. It doesn’t work that way. The more gear you take will inevitably backfire and either your health will decline and/or your physique will start to look toxic from too many chemicals. The solution is HGH – along with your gear – at much lower dose to experience the synergistic effects of running the two alongside one another.


Keep in mind, HGH is a long-term strategy. If you want ‘shot out of cannon’ gains than I highly recommend a Tren Base and Dbol cycle for 6 weeks at 100mg of each per day. One will leave you bloated and oily with blood pressure through the roof, while the alternative will have you gaining at a slower, but more consistent pace with virtually no ill side-effects.


There’s an old school belief that HGH is only for the highly advanced bodybuilder or one with a truly impressive bank account. It seems good on paper, but HGH can and should be introduced much sooner than many bodybuilders are using it. After all, Jay Cutler was crushing the IFBB stage in his early 20’s, you don’t think he waited to hit GH until his 30’s like the forums would like you to believe? How about all of the elite athletes using it in their respective professional sports. Bottom line is it works regardless of your age or experience level and it shouldn’t be reserved until later.


Your typical HGH cycle is 2-3IU when cruising on low doses and 4+ IU when blasting for 3-4 months. HGH such as Eurotropin (comparable to pharma), if you are paying $200 per 100 kit that’s $2 per IU or about $8-10 for a full blown HGH cycle. So, for less than the cost of one of your prepackaged meals you could be getting incredibly high quality HGH and pushing well-beyond your genetics intended.


The time is right for HGH when you have nailed your training, diet, and discipline. The changes that you’ll notice from growth hormone pay off in spades, but it takes time – several months. Even those taken it to nurse and heal from an injury won’t get overnight success from the hormone. It’s such an important ergogenic aid to use as we age that it should be considered for all trainees who fit the prerequisites.

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