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The Importance in using Quality Products.

The Importance in using Quality Products.

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I know your reading and saying, great another plug, another supplier trying to convince me that their products are better. While there may be some truth to that, I as a writer pride myself on writing honest content. If a product I try, test, or mass spec, comes up with sub par results, I’m going to tell you about it!

On to the juicy goodness.

If you’re like me, through the years you have tried many different brands, Protocols, and even how you administer the product. Trial and error is how we learn, but while we are experimenting should we at least have something that is a quality product rather than something that can possibly ruing our testing?

I agree. It seems these days every other month a new “supplier” is born promising that they have the GOLD we all have been looking for, but can they actually back that claim with traceable batch numbers? Mas Spec?  Human Blood tests?  No!

Performing Mass Spec testing on finished product is not only expensive, its not actually a service you can just find in the yellow book. What sold me about PSL and the products they carry, is that every single batch, every single raw, is ran through vigorous independent mas spec protocols before even being released to us to use.

PSL is one of the only companies that have actually invested in creating a laboratory dedicated to mass spec their raws, and finished products, ensuring only the highest quality is released to the masses.

I like you was a bit skeptical in this claim to fame they are promising, so I went ahead and got a couple essentials we as gym rats, bodybuilders, fitness fanatics, and gear heads, use. Test E and Aromasin… If your even a novice you know that Test is our base to just about anything we decide to run, and having under dosed Test can actually make our planned “glory” cycle dismal.

 Aromasin is the king of AI’s, in suppressing your E2 levels, as instead of just blocking the buildup of estrogen, it binds to it and destroys it before it can even convert. But over time finding decent Aromasin has been a hit or miss thing with research companies these days, as their liquid suspension often times either are right on the money, or severely under dosed. A bad AI can lead to even more problems during our “glory” cycle.

So on to the results. I dosed my Test at 750mg/wk and my aromasin at 20mg/ed at about week 6 in I decided to get my levels checked, both Test, and E2. The results speak for themselves.

Test registered on the maximum scale, and E2 was in a very comfortable, manageable range.

The moral of the story is, Buy products that have extensive reviews, with blood work to match the claims. Make sure the supplier is not only in it for the money but to provide a quality product to feed our fitness endeavors.

 In addition, to using quality gear, using correctly, and knowing exactly how they work in your body will ultimately further increase your success with anabolics.


EP Test E 250mg/ml

Injection Pip - Slim to none

Oil Density - Flows smooth through a slin pin.

Packaging - Professional appearance, oil looks marvelous.

Recommendation - 5 out of 5

EP Aromasin - 20mg/ 50 Tabs per packet

Packaging - 50 Tabs per package, in individual sachet packages.

Consumption ability - Small tabs, Easy to swallow.

Recommendation - 5 out of 5

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