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Low end Intermediate Cycle for bulking

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Low end Intermediate Cycle for bulking
Guidelines to figure out whether or not you are ready for an intermediate cycle.
1) If you have been lifting for at least three years.
2) If you have completed at least three cycles.
3) If you have done at least three different anabolic steroids stacked in at least one of your previous cycles.

If you have done all of the above then you are at an intermediate steroid cycle level, and the cycle I´m going to summarize listed below is for you. Here is a sample intermediate bulking cycle.
Week Testosterone cyp or Enanth, Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol, Arimidex (if needed)
1 500 mgs 400 mgs 25-50 mgs/day 0.5 mgs/day
2 500 mgs 400 mgs 25-50 mgs/day 0.5 mgs/day
3 500 mgs 400 mgs 25-50 mgs/day 0.5 mgs/day
3 500 mgs 400 mgs 25-50 mgs/day 0.5 mgs/day
4 500 mgs 400 mgs 25-50 mgs/day 0.5 mgs/day
5 500 mgs 400 mgs 25-50 mgs/day 0.5 mgs/day
6 500 mgs 400 mgs 0.5 mgs/day
7 500 mgs 400 mgs 0.5 mgs/day
8 500 mgs 400 mgs 0.5 mgs/day
9 500 mgs 400 mgs 0.5 mgs/day
10 500 mgs 400 mgs 0.5 mgs/day
11 500 mgs 400 mgs 0.5 mgs/day
12 500 mgs 0.5 mgs/day
This is a nice bulking cycle that uses about 1 gram/ week of aas, on average, and makes use of orals in the beginning to help kick start the cycle. In the beginning, you´re going to be running between 25 to 50mgs of Dianabol/day, which will permit you to see results very rapidly while blood plasma levels of the long estered Testosterone and Deca increase to their peak levels. When you run a bulking cycle, you want to maximize the amount of weight you put on for the time that you are on steroids. Usually, people don´t feel the long estered products effects until a few weeks into the cycle (with me it’s almost always week three). That´s why I like to kick start a bulking cycle with an oral like Dbol.
Dbol gives a boost in strength and size almost right away, and usually a sharp sense of well being. Some users prefer Anadrol BC it can be a bit cheaper on a mg for mg basis, but that is up to the users digression.
The testosterones in this cycle are long estered, and are usually injected every 3rd to 7th day. Testosterone stacks well with everything, and produces a nice muscle building effect..
The Deca is a good choice for inclusion into a bulking cycle because it is very anabolic and slightly androgenic. It has two main benefits on a bulking cycle, 1) is of course its ability to help you retain nitrogen, and thus make more muscle. The other very beneficial effect you will experience with the use of Deca is a joint soothing/healing effect. Conversion to estrogen with this product is low, and combined with its other effects, it´s a great choice for adding into a bulking cycle.
An Intermediate cycle like this one should offer the user a good 20 plus pounds of new body weight, as well as the power that accompanies it. If water retention becomes an issue, or your nipples get tender which is a beginning sign of Gynocomastia, add in some Arimidex at half a milligram per day.

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