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Effective Fat Loss using the Proper Hormones

Effective Fat Loss using the Proper Hormones

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Effective Fat Loss using the Proper Hormones

By: The Steroid Guru


"Take some Primo and Equipoise and you’ll get ripped!" I hear people say this kind of thing all the time. Frankly I disagree. I’ll go so far as to say no steroid will ever burn the fat off you! In this article, I will offer you a strategy to safe and effective fat-loss. It’s not the only way to get ripped or design a cutting cycle, but in my opinion, it’s one of the best ways.

One of the first places you’ll need to look is at your diet. Without a good diet (and an ample cut in calories), you will not lose weight at an optimal rate. I suggest a ketogenic diet. The ideal diet for this cutting cycle would be one where no carbs are eaten at all. But since food is so delicious, I usually suggest a Bodyopus diet (5 days of no carbohydrates followed by 2 days of free eating). You should cut your calories to 90% of your Basal Metabolic Rate. Don’t worry if that sounds a little high on the calorie scale, the cardiovascular exercise you’ll be doing will bump up total calories burned.

Cardiovascular exercise is definitely suggested. I’m sick of people thinking they can do without cardio! Even if you’re not doing it for fat-loss, do it for your heart. Jeep Swenson’s famous quote "I never do cardio" springs to mind. He died of a heart attack by the way. Steroid users should pay much more attention to their heart’s health than the average man should. Testosterone is cholesterol after all. I suggest doing your cardio in the morning and on an empty stomach. My favorite is swimming. Research has shown swimming, cross-country skiing, and mountain climbing to be the best cardiovascular exercises out there. "What about running?" You ask. Running is great, but there are a few reasons I would shy away from it. For one, it is very taxing on your joints. There’s a lot of constant pounding on joints like your knees and ankles. Running also puts more of the burden on your legs. That means the quads and calves you worked so hard to build up may end up melting away at a faster rate.

Once your diet and cardio are in place, the next step is choosing the right drugs. As I stated earlier, no steroid will ever cause the fat to melt away! Sure, some people see minor fat-loss that they attribute trenbolone or Winstrol, but this is such a negligible amount that it is of no use to look at it any closer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that steroids have no place in a cutting phase. They sure as hell do! But they will not be your major fat-burning source. The fat melts away from the cardio, dieting, and the other fat-loss drugs that we will talk about later. The steroids are there to maintain your muscle mass and such.

Choosing the right juice to toss into a cutting phase shouldn’t be too hard of a choice. Just keep in mind that its only purpose is to maintain your muscle mass. A simple hormone like testosterone will maintain your muscle mass just fine. Doses as low as 250 mg a week are acceptable. But the fact remains that some people just don’t want testosterone in their cutting cycle. That’s ok. Personally, I don’t use testosterone to cut either. After a while I just get this sick feeling from testosterone. It’s almost my body’s way of telling me I need a break. My cutting cycles are usually my break. At times I like equipoise at 500 or so mg a week. It keeps the muscle on and I feel like I’m giving my body a rest from the heavy androgens. If you’re an athlete or are particularly interested in endurance, Winstrol is another option. It increases your endurance like nothing else. When I do use Winstrol, its usually about 500mg stacked with something like Equipoise, Trenbolone, and Halotestin. Another option would be if you’re looking to gain strength during your cutting phase. You’ll be on a diet and doing heavy cardio, so you may want to save your strength cycle. But if you insist, I would suggest something like Halotestin stacked with Trenbolone and maybe some Equipoise.

If you’re main focus is just fat-loss with minimal muscle loss, stick with a low dose testosterone. Make sure to toss an anti-estrogen in there too. After all, who the hell wants to be bloated on a cutting cycle? This is your time to look good! 20mg of Nolvadex a day should do plenty to counter low-dose testosterone’s bloat … that is if you even get any at freaking 250mg a week. You could also replace the testosterone with something like 500mg of Equipoise a week, depending on your preference. If you’re looking to add endurance, toss some Winstrol on top of your equipoise or testosterone base. 500mg of Winstrol seems like a good number. If you’re looking to add strength, build on your eq/test base with some trenbolone and Halotestin. 20-25mg of Halotestin everyday with 100mg of Tren every other day will do wonders.

Now on to what makes a cutting cycle a cutting cycle: fat-loss drugs. The two most popular substances are T3 and clen, stacked together to make a potent fat-burning combo. My suggestion is just plain old T3. I experience so much fat-loss from the T3 alone, that I see no reason to add the Clenbuterol in there. Add a diet and cardio into the mix, and Clenbuterol is better saved for a different purpose (coming off a bulking cycle). The dose of T3 is another area in question. Personally, I suggest around 100mcg or so for around 4-5 weeks at a time. I mean can you imagine eating 3 salads a day and still gaining fat!? Yes, it’s happened. Stay with a moderate dose and taper up and down. Don’t be lazy, do the cardio and diet right and you won’t need large amounts of T3. Use the right steroids, keep your doses of T3 safe, and do not cheat yourself on the diet and cardio.



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