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Clenbuterol (Clen)

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Clen is a popular bronchodilator intended to treat chronic asthma; it is also a authoritative fat burner similar to Ephedrine yet way more powerful. Aimed to treat respiratory issues it is this medications fat-burning abilities that have captivated so many and it is the number one reason many buy it in the first place (and I have read several times it is Hollywood’s main source to cut up plenty of different actors).

The reason is simple because it greatly increases your total metabolic activity which uses stored body-fat for energy to a sophisticated degree. While nonstop fat-burning is the main action concerning its metabolic activity properties Clenbuterol has been shown to also greatly decrease appetite in some, for others it won’t but diminishing appetite can be beneficial to those struggling to reduce fat percentages.
Clen increases metabolic activity. This rise leads to an increase in your body temperature due to an escalation in cellular heat. This escalation is brought about by the mitochondria of the thereby affecting the total body temp. This escalation in temp increases metabolic rate, so you have a full circle effect suitable to promoting the use of stored body fat for energy.
When you use Clen you are going to burn more body fat but as it was intended to treat asthma as you may already suspect it can also improve greatly cardiovascular proficiency. Even so, fat loss remains its principal action but Clen also inadvertently to many brings with it anabolic properties. While the anabolic nature of this drug is very trivial it has been shown to have the capability to somewhat increase fat free mass. The more fat free mass you have the greater our metabolism functions.
Clenbuterol has side effects and they can be quite aggravating. Clen has a stimulating effect making you quite jittery and to some causing insomnia. How much these conditions will affect you will vary greatly on an individual basis, and for most it will be the worst the first few days of use, but some level of a jittery effect will exist in most all that use it. Some people may also experience muscle cramps while supplementing with it but generally if the individual simply takes in a little extra water each day he will be fine (however this did not work for me, although my friend had no cramps with no extra water)
While cramps and jitters suck, they are not the worst thing, and doesn’t negate the benefits at all, but Clen carries with it other side-effects as well, especially possible cardiac hypertrophy (overworking the heart). This is a very dose dependent concern and those who supplement correctly should not find such a concern to be real. I have known some people that have had Migraines, some with jitters, some with cramps, some with all three of those sides and some with no sides. Dose per weight seems to be a real factor from what I have seen as well as inherent facts such as a family history of migraines and such. I started out at 80 micros Of the Euro-Pharm line and realized quickly that was far too high for me to start on so I halved it and the cramping I had got on just the third day went away and stayed gone. Liable use will not only revolve by dose but duration as well. It should never be used in a year round fashion and generally around four months of total use per year is what we want to take it in order to remain healthy. I have seen several different ways to cycle this and I will provide you with 3 different examples.

Dosage example 1:

day 1- 20mcg
day 2- 30mcg
day 3- 40mcg
day 4- 50mcg
day 5- 60mcg
day 6- 70mcg
day 7- 80mcg
day 8- 90mcg
day 9- 100mcg
day 10- 90mcg
day 11- 80mcg
day 12- 70mcg
day 13- 60mcg
day 14- 50mcg
day 15- 40mcg
day 16- 30mcg
day 17- 20mcg

Example 2:

140 mcg every day with a 3 week on ,  3 week off period. The three week off period should be to let your whole body clear itself of clenbuterol and minimize it’s resistance to the drug.

Example 3:
day1-3: 40mcg
day4-6: 60mcg
day7-8: 80mcg
day9-14: 100mcg
2 weeks off
for the next two weeks continue 100mcg daily
2 weeks off again
for last 2 weeks on cycle reverse week one, example below
day1-6: 100mcg
day7-8: 80mcg
day9-11: 60mcg
day12-14: 40mcg

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