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SC Built Hands down I’m very pleased with PSL. Customer service with updates on order and shipping has been amazing. I’m a new customer after being screwed over by<br/>PSL has my business from now on
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Smiley Quick shipment. Very Reliable. A1 products. I've used many sources but Purity is the Best
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Jacked and tan I have placed 4 orders so far. 2 USA and 2 international. I have had no problems with my shipments. Any time i email a question I get a response within 24 hours. I have compared to other sites and the prices and inventory is pretty good. I get regular blood work done so I know it’s legit.
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Swollzilla I’m actually a little more than a guest but thought I would post up to help clue you new people in. I’ve only been messing with PSL solely since first doing business probably 5 yrs ago or better. PSL has some of the best customer service on top of a being very knowledgeable in this particular field. While some say the prices are a little more higher than other places, and I say you get whet you pay for!! Whether it’s IV, Oral, or Sub Q you obviously want clean Pharma grade/quality nutrients going in your body and with PSL that is exactly what you get every single time!! Very potent, very clean, and very amazing products, every single solitaire time you order through PSL! Plus as I said they are more than happy to answer your questions and or give recommendations to what and why these particular products might go better with the actual end result you’re trying to achieve!!! On a scale of 1-5 my Family at PSL land with 10’s all the way around the board. Hope this helps all who are undecided!! If you want clean, legit gear go PSL. You wanna play dice go to the other guys!!!
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Gary Great and helpful customer service. Great shipping arrives soon after. Great results from anything ever ordered. 3 year relationship with no end in sight. psl is my brand, id rather wait till what i want is restocked before i would order anywhere else
Thank you.
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