1.What is the delivery time ?

We reserve the right to account your funds/process and ship out your order in maximum 6 bussiness days.

The shipping Turn Around can take 11-14 days for international orders.

For the USA Domestic orders it's usually 2-5 days

2.My order/parcel USPS tracking status is not working.

Tracking system errors and delays may happen at USPS.COM - There's nothing we can do about this from our end. Good news is that such parcels will arrive anyways (in a timely manner and safely) We advise to check out USPS every day or two in case the tracing status is just delayed. When your order is delayed (aprox. 30 days) - Read our shipping terms.

3.Where is my tracking# ?

Please check your mailbox / spam folder.

Also you may check it here: TRACKINGS #  in DETAILS section.

4.Where do we ship to and where ?

Products from those categories : EURO-PHARMACIES, HGH, OTHER PRODUCTS,  are being shipped from EUROPE to ALL the countries WORLDWIDE.

Products from this category : USA DOMESTIC are being shipped ONLY WITHIN the USA

5.My order was DIVIDED, what can i do to speed up whole process ??

You Can Speed up the whole Process by Providing Us more than One Address.
Please send us shipping address in such format:

firstname lastname
city, State, postcode

  Also , the Sooner You Inform Us on your Every Package Arrival/Delivery
- The sooner We Ship Out Next One.