1.Where can i find more INFO about "ORDER STATUSES" ?

Every time that your order STATUS changes , we automatically email you a complete information.

The full Information EMAIL is sent out to you the exact same time when the STATUS is updated.changed.

(Make sure you check your SPAM folder as well)

2.Your order STATUS Descriptions:

[status]: AWAITING PAYMENT / PAYPAL DETAILS -  Mean that your Order is still CURRENT and FINE and that we still await your PAYMENT CONFIRMATION.

[status]: "PAYMENT DETAILS RECEIVED" - We've received Your payment info and we'll pick up Your payment in up to 3 working days.

 [status]: "PAYMENT PICKED UP" - It means we've picked up your payment and your order will be shipped out in up to 3 working days. Your order tracking number will be available in up to 5 working days since this STATUS shows up.

 [status]: "ORDER SHIPPED" - Means that your order has been shipped out and it's tracking number will be provided by email and will be vissible at your order history/account as well, therefre you can put your next order and take adventage of our LOYALTY PROGRAM (More information in our FAQ section)

 [status]: "ORDER DIVIDED" - Means that your order was split into 2 (or more) shipments - Due to Order size , you will fine more details in our shipping terms and FAQ section.

 [status]: "PAYMENT ERROR" - Means that your payment has an issue , in that case we'll email you with details of the error and resolve the problem. (always check your email spam folder)

 [status]: "ORDER CANCELED" - Means that your order has been canceled , we never receiverd any payment details from you, in that case just put a new order or if you sent us already money please provide paymebt details.