The Ultimate Bulk

The Ultimate Bulk

The Ultimate Bulk


By: The Steroid Guru



Who needs tips and cycle advice for the offseason bulk of your life? For the hard gainer that can’t gain weight no matter what he does, keep reading this article. For the athlete needing to jump up in weight class, this article is for you. For the bodybuilder who loses his appetite frequently, this is the content you’ve been waiting for. Keep reading to learn the tips and tricks to help your mass cycle be the cleanest and most effective cycle you have ever used. Sift through all of the misinformation and finally bulk up without getting too fat, too watery, or just unable to gain enough quality muscle.


Tip #1 – Boost Your Appetite


If you can’t eat, you can’t grow. That holds true no matter what cocktail of PED’s you have circulating your blood stream. Certain drugs are known to boost your appetite, while others are known to shut your appetite down. If you mix-match the wrong drugs you could find yourself spinning your wheels.


As a rule of thumb, try to include Equipoise and GHRP-6 to your regiment. These are not particularly effective mass builders on their own, however, their secondary side-effects are an appetite that will leave you with a virtually bottomless pit to store calories.


GHRP-6 is best taken without the presence of glucose. At a dose of 100mcg every 3-4 hours and 1 hour before meals it will ensure not only its efficacy as a growth hormone releasing peptide, but also impact your hunger, making it a very wise option to supplement during a bulk.


Equipoise (EQ), while it doesn’t stimulate appetite for all users, included at a moderate dose, 500mg per week, you will get the added benefits of nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and increased vascularity. EQ’s ability to increase red blood cell count and transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, this enhanced state can cause an appetite rise in most users.


Conversely, performance enhancers like Anadrol, Halotestin, and Tren can lead a user to lose their appetite. While this doesn’t happen for everyone, if you have trouble force feeding yourself while trying to add muscle, then you might want to skip those compounds.


Tip #2 – Drop the Drugs That Don’t Work


Don’t just add drugs to your cycle for the sake of adding drugs. When in doubt you’ll just need a handful of drugs to put on all the muscle mass you could ever want. Testosterone, Insulin, Growth Hormone, and EQ are tried and true bulking compounds. If you can only get your hands on Winstrol and Masteron than you are better off looking harder and longer for compounds that stack best in your favor and don’t cause a myriad of counterproductive side-effects.

Make sure you don’t overdo it with one single compound. Some guys go down the path of being too basic. By that I mean using test-only and hitting grams upon grams of it per week. If your testosterone dose rises over 3g per week, you need to rethink your approach and source. Going too strong on a single compound will unquestionably lead you to unwanted side-effects including a loss of appetite, water retention, high blood pressure, and many others. This is not the most effective way to bulk. Instead, create a stack of complementing steroids to mitigate the negative effects each one can cause.


On the other side, don’t program your PED cycle via “kitchen sink” methods. That is, don’t just add anything you can get your hands on at the time to your bulking cycle. More isn’t better – instead, better is better. Matching the wrong compounds, or worse, not effective of enough dosage will just have you scratching your head wondering, “what went wrong?”


Tip #3 – Train Heavy and Train with Volume


Although not performance enhancement drug related, in order to gain the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time, you have to train both extremely heavy and with great volume. Too many people like to make them mutually exclusive. You can’t just train with low reps and high weights and expect to maximize your muscle mass. On the other hand, you can’t blast set after set of reps over 15 at 65% of your 1RM and expect to have a deep, round, and full look to your physique.


If you can program your training to include various phases of power building into the routine you can be efficient with your strength and volume training. Stick to compound exercises for your true strength building exercises: squat, deadlift, overhead press, rows, chin, etc...Hit those for sets of 3-6, occasionally 10 reps. And then use your isolation exercises to force blood into the muscle, engorging it with nutrients to help promote new muscle. Intra-workout carbs are also an interesting addition as you can spike your insulin levels and force nutrients into your muscles. If strength gains are especially needed, Anadrol works just about every time out (but user be cautious!).


Tip #4 – Add Cardio for Mass


For years guys have noticed an increase in appetite when they begin to introduce cardio into their training program. This is an excellent idea if done 5-6 days per week, no more than 20 minutes (even on off days). It will not only stimulate your appetite, it will promote blood circulation and boost your metabolism. By increasing and improving our own body’s ability to burn calories at rest, you are also training your body to build muscle efficiently as well. Don’t think of cardio as just a way to get lean. It’s also a way to grow!


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