The Steroid Guru’s Top 3 All-Time Cycles

The Steroid Guru’s Top 3 All-Time Cycles

The Steroid Guru’s Top 3 All-Time Cycles


By: The Steroid Guru



It’s time to outline the best cycles I’ve experienced over the last 25 years of cycling and coaching elite level athletes. Every athlete had specific needs, but you’ll get an inside look at each goal, outcome, dosing protocol, and lessons learned. Whether you’re bulking, cutting, or looking for athletic performance benefits I have done it all and coached the best.


#1. Pre-Contest Cutting Stack


Before we dig into drugs and doses, let me be the first to say you can’t overcome a poor diet with more drugs. Drugs + Dieting + Training + Cardio + Sleep is the only formula I have found to be successful. You can’t really short yourself on any aspect and expect to get the results you were hoping for.


The goal with this cut was to drop 30lb of scale weight, while maintaining strength on compound lifts. The outcome was a resounding success that resulted in one of this athlete’s best physiques to date. He stayed injury free, improved strength, and lost the desired amount of body weight.


The big lesson learned from this cycle was that Tren Ace side effects are really minimized with frequent, but lower dosed injections. The EOD schedule creates too many hormone spikes and thus, mood swings and night sweats – which may lead to poor sleep quality.


Another big take home is the lower dose of HGH, a dose of 4+IU will make the user retain some water, which is why 2IU was the regular dosage. *Don’t leave out the Arimidex, you can’t cut properly without it. Too much estrogen present in the body will have your weight loss in standstill. Below is an outline of the hormone’s used during this 10-week cutting program.


Weeks 1 – 10

-         150mg of Testosterone Prop EOD

-         50mg of Tren Ace ED (use insulin need)

-         100mg of Masteron Prop EOD

-         50mcg T3 ED (25mcg AM and 25mcg PM)

-         40mcg Clen ED (20mcg AM and 20mcg PM) – No need to cycle off.

-         2IU HGH ED (fasted in the morning)

-         .5mg Arimidex EOD



#2. Un-Drug Tested Pro Athlete Stack


This was a fun client. He came to me after a decade+ long career in professional baseball. He had taken undetectable gear and cycled on and off with traditional compounds throughout his playing career. Most everything that he had previous experience with was either used at a very low dose or was a mild steroid (Tren being highly detectable and off limits at the time). So, when he came to me we had a lot of fun constructing this cycle. The outcome was 17lb of lean muscle tissue. He dropped a considerable amount of body fat and looked like he was back in his 20’s. His bodyweight only slightly increased, but his mobility also improved as he trained more like an athlete than a bodybuilder during this period of gear use.


The lesson learned here is that although the addition of Tren (ace or enanthate) might have been a nice addition had this athlete been a competitive bodybuilder, but for his needs that extra fuel would not have provided him any added aesthetic looks he was going after. Plus, it leaves it a very low-level stack in regard to side-effects, but yielded very high results in long-term, sustainable muscle gains.


Weeks 1 – 16

-         250mg of Testosterone Enanthate Monday & Thursday

-         200mg of Masteron Enanthate Monday & Thursday

-         250mg of Equipoise Monday & Thursday

-         4IU HGH (fasted in the AM)

-         50mcg T3 ED (25mcg AM and 25mcg PM)

-         .5mg Arimidex EOD



#3. The Recomposition Cycle That Changed Me Forever


The plan with this cycle was very simple. First, I wanted to gain as much mass as possible in 6 weeks. I had considered a longer bulk, but didn’t realistically see myself wanting to eat like a machine for more than that amount of time (and I was right). And secondly, I wanted to immediately follow it up with an aggressive cutting cycle that would not only solidify more of my gains from the bulk, but harden and tighten up my physique.


I had come into this cycle with a caliper tested 11% body fat which allowed me to push calories without fear of gaining too much fat. My cardio started mild during the first phase and by the second I was doing 45 minutes per day. The outcome resulted into an incredible bulk with low sides and a fantastic cut that left me in the single digit body fat percentages. I can’t say enough about this stack.


Weeks 1 – 6

-         150mg Testosterone Prop EOD

-         100mg NPP EOD

-         40mg Dbol ED (10mg every 4 hours)

-         1mg Arimidex EOD

-         .25mcg T3 ED


Weeks 7 – 12

-         150mg Testosterone Prop EOD

-         100mg Tren Ace EOD

-         100mg Winstrol ED (25mg every 4 hours)

-         .5mg Arimidex EOD

-         .75mcg TD ED (25mcg AM, 25mcg Mid-Day, 25mcg Late PM)

-         80mcg Clen ED (40mcg AM and 40mcg PM)



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