Teens and Steroids

Teens and Steroids

Teens and Steroids


By: The Steroid Guru



This is a subject I get asked about from time to time and it’s not as black and white as you would believe. Should all teenagers be able to take steroids? That’s not up for me to decide, however, if you have aspirations of becoming a professional athlete or bodybuilder than your window for success is very small and performance enhancing drugs should be at the very least on the table of discussion. If you’re just a gym rat looking to impress the girl you sit next to in 11th grade algebra 2 class, then I suggest you skip this article, because you don’t need to be considering steroid use at this stage of your development. But if you’re a young, elite caliber athlete and the difference between success and failure, or millions of dollars rests on choosing whether or not to use exogenous hormones than you need to keep reading.


Do you have a chance at turning IFBB Pro at a young age? Well, you can’t wait until you’re 25 years of age, with 8 years of lifting experience under your belt before you hop on the sauce, no, you need to get your feet wet much earlier to acquire the level of musculature needed to excel against men much older and much more experienced. The same goes for athletes of all stages of their careers. This is nothing more than a business decision about your future. Take it seriously and weigh all the pros and cons before you decide to take the plunge.


If you are truly in a position where you think you need to take steroids than you need to use them as conservatively as possible. Your body is already processing a huge surge of your own natural hormone production, adding grams of gear is completely unnecessary to achieve the desired results. All gear is going to shut down your natural test production, so whether you use a mild hormone like Primobolan or opt for something more potent like Testosterone Enanthate you’re going to be shut down post-cycle.


For years the standard online and recommended dosage to young men was 500mg of test for 8-10 weeks. Some have even suggested taking an oral steroid in the beginning as a jump start. While I don’t hate that idea, the dosage and the added orals are really not needed for the beginning teen steroid user. Starting a young user at 400mg per week will yield a massive spike in testosterone and will limit the side-effects. You don’t want to then start adding more drugs to combat unwanted problems that may arise. Testosterone is preferred, because it will set a good baseline for how your body will react. The old saying goes, “If you can’t grow on test than you can’t grow on anything,” holds true for us here. You could cycle on 400mg of Primobolan, but some men just do not see measurable results on that compound. With test, you’ll know if it works and you’ll get a great gauge on how your body will respond (both positively and negatively) for immediate feedback, but also to help program your cycles for years to come.


All teens who decide to use steroids need to do a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Teenage years is not the time to do a blast/cruise method of cycle, nor is it a time to ask about HRT. I suggest all teens cycle with 250mcg of HCG twice per week during their cycle. This will make the recovery process much easier once a full PCT protocol is implemented. Below is a sample outline of how I might suggest my athlete start their PCT:



Weeks 1-10 – Test Enanthate – 400mg/per week

Weeks 1-10 – HCG – 250mcg Monday and Thursday

Week 11 – Clomid – 100mg per day & 250mcg of HCG every other day

Weeks 12-13 – Clomid – 50mg per day & 250mcg of HCG every other day


Once all the PCT drugs have been completed I recommend all teen athletes who use steroids take a minimum of 6 months off until they decide to use again. Your goal should be to reach performance levels off gear as when you were on gear. For example, if you could bench press 275lb for 8 repetitions during the peak of your cycle, then you have to reach that strength goal as a natural before you can begin to think about starting another course of gear. Failure to do this will always have you chasing your tail, taking two steps forward and two steps back, never making the complete progress you should be aiming towards.


Don’t rush to get back on too soon. This is how guys end up never coming off of gear. The mentality that you can’t gain muscle without being on steroids is truly absurd as teenagers. There is a distinct disadvantage from an aesthetic and performance standpoint for a teen who doesn’t spend enough time as a natural (or natural between cycles). The body doesn’t give off a mature, dense appearance, and you will experience many more peaks and valleys in your training.


While I don’t particularly love the idea of a teenager using steroids, one has to be realistic. The end goal for every athlete is to make it the top. The sad reality is that ball has been in motion since the athlete has been a child. To think a pro athlete became a pro athlete at 25 years of age is non-sense. These are real issues that top youth athletes have to face and doing things the right way will go a long way in assuring people stay healthy and perform that their best.


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