Steroids: Convincing Your Wife It’s Ok

Steroids: Convincing Your Wife It’s Ok

Steroids: Convincing Your Wife It’s Ok


By: The Steroid Guru



Getting the support of your significant other is a big component in solidifying your long-term steroid gains. It’s not enough to put in the hard work, eat on schedule, and find high quality juice. The guys who make real gains, consistently year-after-year have a great support system at home. If you have a wife or girlfriend who you have to hide your gear use from there’s no possible way you are maximizing your muscle mass.


Do you have to hide your stash from your girl? How about coming up with a slew of excuses on how and why you’re gaining so much muscle so fast? Are you jealous of your friends who can openly discuss steroids and PED’s around their girlfriends or wives, but you have to keep everything you do under a cloud of secrecy? If you want to make progress in your physique like never before than you have to have a support team on the same page.


First, you need to educate your wife on the substances you are looking to use. Steroids have been vilified by the media and modern pop culture for decades and most of that information is purely propaganda based on no physical evidence. Teaching your other half of these atrocities is the first step in getting her on your side.


Most women are terrified their man will turn into a massive, roid raging asshole. Men have that tendency without steroids, so this is a great cause for concern with women. It’s important to remind women that alcohol is the cause for much more fighting, arguing, and break ups than steroids could ever be accused of causing. There’s an old saying, “If you’re an asshole before steroids, then taking them will just make you a bigger asshole.” But steroids almost never turn a sweet, gentle giant, into a raging lunatic. It just doesn’t happen. However, steroids can make you a bit more agitated than normal – especially if your PED of choice is Trenbolone. If you know that going into it, you can better control your behavior and she can be alerted for it as well. “Hey sweetheart, I’m about to get on a cycle of Tren Ace…I’ll work on my attitude if you can cut me a little slack.”


Fertility is also an issue women are worried about if their man uses anabolic steroids. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts, steroids will shut down your natural production of testosterone and sperm. Judging by what you might hear or read elsewhere that means no babies for either of you. Well, that’s just a bold face lie. Countless bodybuilders and athletes have conceived either while on gear, off gear, or following a PCT protocol. I have seen men who have been on cycles and HRT (bridged between cycles) for 10, 15, and 20+ years who have still been able to conceive with their spouse. HCG and Clomid really do work wonders for your ability to procreate. Do not let the internet or your gym buddies scare you and your wife. Steroid use, even long-term steroid use, is not a death sentence at reproduction.


Cosmetic side-effects suck and are something you and your spouse might be reluctant about. Nobody wants gynecomastia, back hair, balding, excess acne, and water retention. Some of these issues are avoidable (gyno, balding, and water retention) while other negative effects are coming whether we like it or not. Taking aromatase inhibitors will greatly reduce your chances of developing gyno. Avoiding DHT derivatives or supplementing with Finasteride can reduce or eliminate your hair loss problems. And a steady diet, frequent showering, and just being extra sanitary and clean can help immensely with acne. Luckily, these problems are taking a screeching halt once you stop taking the gear and come off. These issues will likely be more of a problem for you than for her, but if she does have an issue with how you are looking please let her know the problems are fixable.


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