Should You Come Off Steroids?

Should You Come Off Steroids?

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Should You Come Off Steroids?


By: The Steroid Guru


About a decade ago, the idea of blast/cruise had really started to get popular in gyms and online. Before then, many people who used steroids still abided by time on = time off, with some using aggressive PCT protocols and others just skipping it altogether. The hardcore brothers in iron spent more time on than off, but still, almost everyone took breaks. Then along came Low T commercials, doctor scripts, HRT clinics, and anti-aging creams. Nobody wanted to feel lousy anymore. The moment testosterone became mainstream, cycling went out the window, but should people still come on and off gear? Let’s take a little closer look.


What are your goals?


If you’re a competitive bodybuilder than you know the answer to this already. You will be spending a lot more time on gear than off. Many pro bodybuilders only take 3 months “off” all year long. For some, this means a low dose of testosterone, while for others this means 2g of test, and for a small group, they even come completely off to “clean out”, a phrase that should be used lightly and kept in context. Competitive bodybuilding, although a marathon, in drug culture it is still a drag race in comparison to other high-level sports. For example, American pro football players certainly use PED’s, but do not necessarily get better by upping the dosage like in bodybuilding. Plus, there are drug testers and other watch dogs prying into their personal lives that today’s professional bodybuilder simply does not have to contend with.


And what if you’re not a competitive bodybuilder or super athlete in another sport? You’re just a guy at the gym, late 20’s or early 30’s, looking to improve his physique who turned to steroids when the OTC supplements weren’t offering any bang for his buck. This guy might do 2, ten week cycles per year with the average one looking something like this:


750mg of Test E per week

500mg of EQ per week

50mg of Winstrol per day

.25 Arimidex every other day

4iu of HGH per day


Does this sound like you? Are you currently reading this drooling over the outlined cycle above? You can literally taste the 15lb of shredded muscle it will bring you. Your sex drive will go into overtime and your poor girlfriend’s vagina is sure to take quite the beating. Your abs will begin to etch themselves out over the course of weeks. Vascularity emerges throughout your legs, arms, and shoulders. At the end of it you feel accomplished. Hell, you even get lab work done and find out that you’ve only slightly elevated your liver enzymes. And just like that, you’re hooked. The steroids might not be addictive, but the feeling of the Mighty Hercules sure as hell is.


And then what? You are faced with the ultimate dilemma. Do you come off this incredible cycle, downshift into Clomid and HCG for another month, and slowly watch your gains fade into the abyss? Or do you stay the course, responsibly of course, and maintain on a low dosage of testosterone in order to bridge the gap until you can hit another 10 weeks cycle even better than the last?


Stop Kidding Yourself


If you have already been cycling gear then you need to be honest with yourself. Why are you cycling on and off in the first place? Is it to make yourself healthy? To return your HPTA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testosterone-Axis) to normal? To be able to stop steroids at some point without the negative effects haunting you for an eternity?


You are doing more harm to your body by shutting your natural testosterone levels down and attempting to start it back up, cycle after cycle, year after year, than if you were to stay on forever without taking breaks. You need to decide what you want and stick with that goal. Most of what you have been reading online is simply not true or meant to scare you. But the honesty lies somewhere in between. Are there negative side effects that steroids cause? There are many, but how many can’t be combatted or are simply superficial and not life threatening? For the sake of this article, here are a few bad ones that can be overcome quite easily:


  1. Gyno (bitch tits) – Ok, so you have tits thanks to androgen use. Suck it up buttercup. Invest in the surgery and your problem is solved.
  2. Back Hair – check out the Man Groomer
  3. Acne – get a sun tan and dry out…if that doesn’t work your dermatologist is there.
  4. High Blood Pressure – supplement with Carditone and Ubiquinol
  5. AST and ALT liver enzymes are high? Try out TUDCA and NAC
  6. Roid Rage – lay off the Tren and never drink alcohol on a cycle
  7. Low Sperm Count – HCG works and has helped countless bodybuilders and athletes conceive


Cruising: How much and How Long?


Cruising between cycles is really nothing more than falling back on an HRT level dosage of testosterone to bridge the gap between your heavier blast cycles. Many doctors like to keep their patients on 200mg of testosterone every week. What cruising is not, is being fearful of losing gains and ramping up the dosage. Guys who are on 500mg+ per week of Testosterone and still refer to it as cruising are kidding themselves. This is simply a weaker cycle than the blast and even worse, doing more negative than positive for when the person decides to return on another steroid cycle. Cruising on 200-300mg per week is more than enough to keep muscle mass, help to keep body fat levels low, and deliver plenty of sex drive. Add in 500mcg of HCG, twice per week, and you are staying right in the sweet spot for a healthy and vibrant endocrine system. Get lab work done 2-3 times per year to make sure your hemoglobin and hematocrit stay within range. Your cruise can last a couple of months or indefinitely. When the time comes to return to a full blast cycle, you will be happy both in gains, aesthetics, and even health that you cruised, and cruised properly.


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