Run N Gun Cycling Part II - Peptides/Slin/HGH

Run N Gun Cycling Part II - Peptides/Slin/HGH

Run N Gun Cycling Part II 

Well in a reply to an article I wrote up a year or so ago, Standard Donkey Had mentioned that the introduction of Slin/GH/Peps alongside this protocol could really compliment this style of cycling both through the Blasts and Cruises. I agree.

If you?re not familiar with this type of Cycling you can see the initial write-up here. Run and Gun AAS Cycling – A power approach to success. - OldSchoolLifter

In short, The goal here is to run short esters for 5-6 weeks, coupled by an oral or 2, Cruise for 5-6 weeks and repeat either the same cycle as the first, or change it up a bit. This ensures Myostatin levels do not reach the point of hindrance, and allows you to get the most out of your cycle, instead of running a long drawn out cycle, where gains would start stalling at about week 9. You would break up your cycle, into 2 parts with higher doses.

A quick example of a basic Run N Gun would be

1-PCT or TRT - Test E 250mg/wk
1-6 Test Prop 50mg/ed
1-6 Tren Ace 75-100/ed
1-6 Dbol 30mg/ed
1-6 Drol 50mg/ed
1-6 Aromasin 25mg/ed
1-6 Caber .5mg Twice Weekly

Cruise 6 weeks
Repeat, or Choose new compounds and go again. After your second run you can discontinue the TRT dose of test and PCT, or just cruise for 6-10 weeks and you?re ready to go again.

Now for the Donkey inspired Method.
Here we are going to utilize the natural increase in IGF levels while on AAS, by incorporating SLIN/HGH/Peptides during our Blasts and Cruise.

I will be using My Slin/HGH/Peptide protocol as the base for this example with the timings for maximum benefit. XYZ, & Victor both helped me tremendously when I built this protocol over a year ago, I did adjust it a bit to fit my likes and dislikes. Of course everyone has their own ways of running these that work for them, this is one way. It has been very great to me.

First Step - Design your Blasts

Here's my personal favorite

1-6 Test Prop 50mg/ed
1-6 Mast Prop 100mg/ed
1-6 Tren Ace 75 ? 100mg/ed
1-6 Dbol 30mg/ed

Cruise 6 weeks

Repeat or change up the compounds.

Second Step - Slin/GH/Peptide Protocol for both blasts and cruises. 

4 Day Per Week Workout Split :

Workout Days : @ 1:30pm

Pre Workout:
150mcg IGF LR3 Sub Q @ 11:00 AM
10iu Humalog @ 1:00 PM
300mcg DES Bi Lat IM @ 1:20 PM

Post Workout:
300mcg MGF Bi Lat @ 2:30 PM
10iu HGH IM @ 2:45 PM
150mcg LR3 Sub Q @ 3:10 PM
5iu Humalog @ 5:00 PM

Non Workout Days :

5iu HGH SubQ @ 8:00 AM
400mcg Peg MGF SubQ @ 12:00 PM
GHRP-2 - 200mcg & Mod-GRF - 150mcg @ 6:0PM

Being that I pin IGF-LR3 only 4 times per week, and Peg MGF on the off days, it enables me to run them longer before desensitization occurs. 

During Your Cruise: - Before the Next Blast
I Drop the Slin, and just use GH, & GHRP-GHRH

Workout Days : @ 1:30pm

Pre Workout:
150 GHRP-2 - 150 Mod-GRF 8:00 am
5iu HGH SubQ - 8:30 AM

150 GHRP-2 - 150 Mod-GRF @ 12:30pm

Post Workout:
150 GHRP-2 - 150 Mod-GRF @ 3:00pm
5iu HGH IM @ 3:30pm

Non Workout Days: 
150 GHRP-2 - 150 Mod-GRF 8:00 am
5iu HGH SubQ @ 8:30 AM
150 GHRP-2 - 150 Mod-GRF @ 12:00 pm
150 GHRP-2 - 150 Mod-GRF @ 6:00pm

Conclusion: This method can provide some serious gains alongside the right diet. Keeping myostatin levels at bay, ensuring nothing biologically stands in your way of growth.

The addition of T3 while not mentioned here can also help keep fat at bay while helping partition your macro?s, complementing the GH, Peptides and AAS I like 50-75mcg daily.

What would be your Ideal, Run N Gun with Peps/Slin/GH - Share!!??


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