Road To Glory, A Guide for A Pre Contest Cycle.

Road To Glory, A Guide for A Pre Contest Cycle.

 Depending on your Budget, a nice pre contest cycle will consist of various compounds, while slowly ramping down the test near the end, and increasing tren/mast combo alongside a nice hardening agent, like Halo or Winny, while dropping your water weight pre show.

Use this layout as a guide; adjust where you see fit, and where permits budget. HGH and various peptides can also be used, Leave a comment below, and let me know your goals, and I will do my best to tailor any cycles to your current state, and budget.

Phase One 8 weeks - Carb Cycle - and Re-feeds. This phase is concentrated on gaining as much muscle as you can, while keeping fat at a minimum. 3-4 HIIT Cardio Sessions Weekly.

1-8 Test Prop 75mg/ed
1-8 NPP 150mg/eod
1-5 Choice of Oral, I’d suggest, anything from Dbol to Super DMZ, or even Cytostane.

T3 Protocol Starting at week 2
Day 1-3 25mcg Daily
Day 4-7 50mcg Daily
Day 8-11 75mcg Daily
Day 12-24 100mcg Daily
Day 25-27 75mcg Daily
Day 28-31 50mcg Daily
Day 32-35 25mcg Daily

End, Take a 20-30 day break, repeat. You can add a bit of clen in, but I would save that for Phase 2.

Phase 2 weeks 12-18 - Continue Dialing in your Diet, and Increase your cardio to at least 6 Sessions of Hiit Per Week. Continue Lifting Hard, Focusing on Every Movement.

12-18 Test Prop 75/mg EOD
12-18 Tren Ace 75mg/ed
12-18 Mast 100mg/ed
16-18 Winstrol 50mg/ed
Continue T3 Protocol, Alongside 50-75mcg Clen Daily

Phase 3 Weeks 19-22 - This is Make or Break time, Cardio is now increased to 9 Sessions Weekly, FASTED, Keep Protein Intake high, Carbs should still be cycled but cut out close to 2 -3 days before show time, I'm sure others can chime in on diet a bit further for you.

19-22 Drop the Prop, And continue on your TRT Cruise Dose 200-250mg/wk
18-22 Tren Ace - 75/mg ED
19-22 Mast 100mg/ed
19-21 Winstrol 100mg/ed

T3/Clen protocol Should still be running.

Of course throughout this cycle, you're going to want a solid AI, keeping water and estro related sides away, constant blood work needs to be done, and Caber @ .5mg twice a week to help with prolactin. You can play with some halo near the end at 40 - 50mg /ed if you like, but honestly, The tren on this re-comp is king. T3 Protocol is not a said in stone deal, you can run it a variety of ways that is just one way. Get a good multi, fish oil, and all protective measures ready and on hand. A liv Support should be taken midpoint at the latest, alongside a well-rounded multivitamin and fish oil you’re going to find it hard to do cardio on tren, but push through it, focus each movement contracting every muscle, shaping your body.

This is just a guideline, adjust to what you know works for your body, pre comp cycles can get even more intricate than this one, but this should be a nice guide on your road to glory.

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Published on 10/04/2014 08:34:42
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