PEDs For Her

PEDs For Her

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PEDs For Her


By: The Steroid Guru



Ladies, you are probably tired of getting hammered with the same steroid advice you’ve been given for decades. Sadly, it’s the same parroted information being passed down from one bro to another and down onto you. Anavar has become the new Robitussin, to some out there they think it’s the universal fix for all things female/steroids. Well guess what? It’s not that simple, nor should it be, because after all we are after serious results, without the side-effects – repeatable over and over again. There is much more in your arsenal than just one oral compound and now it’s time to find out what those compounds are and the best way to take them.


Nolvadex is almost always overlooked as a chem for women seeking an anabolic edge. A small dosage can give the female athlete a moderate testosterone boost aiding her in performance. Estrogen leads to body fat gain and water retention. Women who have troubling areas in the legs, butt, and hips are often prone to higher levels of estrogen and would benefit greatly from a low dosage. While it can be used as a cutting agent, due to reduced levels of estrogen, you will in turn have elevated testosterone levels which makes it an equally great bulking or lean building substance.


HGH is another ideal compound for the female athlete or bodybuilder. Not only will it do everything it will for a man, such as reducing body fat, improving skin, hair, nails, and the birth of new muscle cells, creating a more healthy and vibrant you, but you don’t have to take nearly as much as a man would take for the same results. 2IU in the morning while fasted is ideal to crank your serum levels up. At this dosage, I recommend 4 months on, followed by 2 months off.


Stacking Clenbuterol and T3 isn’t ground breaking, but is a great option for the woman with serious weight loss in mind. If you’ve followed my readings, then you know I do not like heavy dosages of clen, but instead prolonged periods of use. You can get away with dosing lower, but for longer periods while still maintaining fat loss. And the addition of T3 will accelerate your fat loss into another gear by raising your thyroid production, boosting your basal metabolic rate. You will burn calories without even trying on this combination.


Now onto Anavar, I’m not against the use of Anavar for girls, but I don’t like how it’s the default answer for all lazy “experts” out there. Sure, it’s great for bulking and cutting, has very few side-effects, and can be taken at a relatively low dose for long durations. But like all things, your body eventually will stop responding the way it always does. Where do you go from there? Increase the dose, that’s not a good idea. Falling back on Nolvadex, HGH, and some of the fat burners mentioned will keep your body on its toes and less likelihood of building tolerance.


Here’s how the stack might look for an intermediate level female athlete. This is just one example and can alter from person to person:


Weeks 1 – 12 – HGH – 2IU – Everyday

Weeks 1 – 12 – 50mcg – T3 – Everyday

Weeks 1 – 4 – 20mg – Nolvadex – Everyday

Weeks 1 – 4 – Clenbuterol – 40mcg – Everyday

Weeks 5 – 12 – Anavar – 10mg – Everyday

Weeks 8 – 12 – Clenbuterol – 40mcg – Everyday


The results that women are noticing off similar cycles like this is nothing short of awesome. There’s no need to be changing the look of your feminine jaw line or drastically increase your body hair growth. For years these side-effects have been associated with women and performance enhancing drugs. Those days are gone if users would just air on the side of caution and heed some the advice outlined in this article.


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