Kick starters and there importance.

Kick starters and there importance.
As a lot of people know Anadrol and Turinobol (both can be found in PSL's EP line up)are two great substances at increasing size and strength, and achieving it quickly.
As far as strength goes, I would give both of these a solid 8 to 9 out of 10. As far as mass goes, I would give the Anadrol the advantage out of the two, that being said I have experienced less water retention with Turinabol.

The aspects that are most appealing to me are the fact that either of these substances used correctly in the beginning of a cycle will get you where you would be strength wise 8 weeks in advance on your cycle, thus virtually fast forwarding time that much more for your gains. This is imperative for any timed cycle. Instead of getting your biggest and strongest right before your typical 16-20 week cycle is over, you will now achieve that strength in size the first month into the cycle.
This allows you to focus on what your goals are, have it be have additional solid lean mass towards the end of the cycle due to the extra time you know have, or allow you to just simply have more size and strength throughout your entire cycle.
Kick starters are primarily more for intermediate and advanced cycles, and in my opinion a necessity. I have also seen pronounced success on longer cycles when I start to plateau out.
An example of this was easily seen a few years back when I was stuck with 110 pound dumb bells on incline for 10 reps. I used Anadrol (at 50 a day, about 80% of the way through a 30 week cycle) and within 3 weeks I was pressing 130 pound dumbbells on my third set.
Turinabol has been used the same way in the beginning and at plateau times. To me it seemed a little more “clean” and I looked more vascular, but the strength was not as great as the Superman of all gear Anadrol.
I strongly recommend anyone planning a serious cycle to give both of these a shot individually. If you would like to try both I would say Anadrol at the very beginning @100mg a day for the first two weeks than go to 50/day for 2-4 weeks past that (for experienced lifters/cyclers) Dosage wise I would stay about 50-100/day with turinabol throughout for around 4 weeks if using it on a plateau period.
These recommendations are for Male users around 200-220 pounds and experienced, adjust levels from there.

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Published on 12/06/2014 08:55:57
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