Insulin for the Everyday Meathead

Insulin for the Everyday Meathead

Insulin for the Everyday Meathead


By: The Steroid Guru

One of the most frequently asked questions I have been getting is my thoughts on a proper insulin protocol. While I don’t feel most bodybuilders need insulin, I do see its allure in bringing up lagging body parts. My apprehension first stems in the fact most bodybuilders need to be honest with themselves when grading what type of genetic predisposition, they are shackled with. If you’re an endomorph then using insulin, even on a low dose protocol – like the one I will be describing below, on weak body parts, will run you the risk of becoming fatter than you will probably like. For ecto’s I completely understand the frustration, however, I still would like to see you try to use carb manipulation first before finding a needle.


If you still insist on using insulin as a way to take your physique to the next level, then I please ask you to take caution and please follow some of my basic guidelines below. If you go overboard, side-effects will follow.


For every 10kg a bodybuilder weighs he needs to be using 1iu. That means on a 220lb bodybuilder needs to be using 10iu per day at a minimum. This can be divided up into two doses (After Breakfast & Post Workout) or just post workout, which is ideal. Onto food, for every 1iu of insulin, 10g of carbohydrates are required for safe and effective use. That 100g of carbs should be half from maltodextrin and the other 50% from starchy potatoes, pastas, or rice.


Fast acting insulin is much safer and you can watch potential red flags of danger very easily. It acts in just minutes and each bodybuilder can be ready and well prepared in the event of going hypoglycemic. Long/slow acting insulin can be dangerous as hypo can set in while asleep or driving or training and can be deadly.


Your post workout shake should consist of the following:


-         50grams Maltodextrin

-         50g whey isolate hydrolyzed

-         10g glutamine

-         10g BCAA

-         5g HMB

-         3g Leucine

-         1g CLA

-         5g Creatine Monohydrate

-         1g Vitamin C

-         Electrolyte blend


Followed by 10IU of fast-acting Insulin.


Never use fast acting insulin pre-workout, only post. Insulin is best if used after breakfast and after we consume the hyperglycemic drink post-workout.


What if I want to use Insulin and HGH together? I understand the confusion so here we go.


Always leave 30 minutes between growth hormone injections and insulin injections. Here is what a typical training day might look like for you:


Wake Up – empty stomach inject HGH 3IU

Cardio – 35 minutes stair mill

Meal 1 – Breakfast and then 5iu of Insulin after you eat

Evening Workout

Post Workout – HGH 3IU

30 Minutes Post-Workout - Shake (above) and then 5iu of Insulin

60 Minutes Post-Workout – Normal Pro/Carb/Fat meal


The particular order is crucial since growth hormone requires a hypoglycemic environment (low insulin/high glucagon) and there has to be a window for growth hormone to act, before insulin is used. Hyperglycemia follows growth hormone use and insulin resistance occurs in the long term. Insulin and glucose disposal agents are the key elements to prevent that. Of course, insulin plays a synergistic role, along with AAS & HGH.

Anytime insulin is used, the single most important factor to consider, outside of the drug’s acute effect on blood sugar, is its effect on insulin sensitivity. Insulin resistance is the springboard from which all other insulin related problems stem. Maintain your insulin sensitivity within a normal range and all of the side effects associated with the drug, including both health and cosmetic issues, will remain non-existent.



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