Inside a Men’s Physique Cycle

Inside a Men’s Physique Cycle

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Inside a Men’s Physique Cycle


By: The Steroid Guru



I get a lot of questions from up and coming Men’s Physique competitors and many from the professional elite. Oddly enough, both of them are asking the same questions. What should I take, how much of each, and for how long should I use? Most of the information spewed online is geared towards bodybuilders with no limitations put in their physiques. In this case, we have to worry about a streamlined physique, low water retention year-round, and an overall lower body mass. These factors all play a critical role into a Men’s Physique competitors cycle. He will be just as lean and hard as somebody on a bodybuilding stage, but the presentation will be different. Here are some of the tips and tricks of the top physique competitors in the world.


Since the business of bodybuilding stretches beyond the stage and onto social media platforms 12 months out of the year, a Men’s Physique competitor is full-time model AND full-time physique athlete. This is a much different vantage point than that of a pro bodybuilder. Most men’s physique competitors stay within striking distance of their peak. Outside of a few true hard-gainers, you’ll notice the crispness and dryness stays prevalent most of the year for these men. 8 weeks is usually all the hard dieting will consist of to prepare for a show.


In order to be on high alert, fat burners are utilized throughout the year. That mostly means a therapeutic dose of T3, for a constantly elevated resting metabolism. This allows the athlete to push calories for growth, without the risk of becoming too big and sloppy. A small dose of 25-50mcg per day is the sweet spot I find most beneficial. I still like to keep my athletes off of Clenbuterol until contest prep so it becomes another major hammer in the leaning out process, as opposed to a crutch utilized in the off season to stay tight.


Estrogen control is also a paramount concern for the Men’s Physique competitor. Lower estrogen will allow for less body fat accumulation in the off season, as well as elevate free testosterone in the blood, allowing for a bigger and full physique. Too much anti-estrogen use, however is bad for sex drive, cholesterol, and your joints, but a moderate dose of .25mg of Arimidex spaced out every other day will do the trick.


Testosterone is a drug that is still heavily utilized by the athlete. Unlike bodybuilding, MPD should keep this dosage on the lighter side of the spectrum. Doses of 400-600mg per week is more than enough for the purposes of the athlete who doesn’t want to outgrow the division. One must still fall somewhat in line with what the division calls for. Board shorts alone won’t cut it, you have to look the look, and pushing the test too high will blow your physique out before long.


Use a DHT based drug for increased muscle hardness. Your stack right now includes T3 and low dose testosterone, just above a normal HRT dose. Next, you’ll want to add chemical to harden you up. Options include Masteron, Anavar, Winstrol, Primobolan, or Proviron. Your best bet, depending upon your commitment to the sport and your physique is a substantial dose of Proviron, this pure DHT compound is not liver toxic, although it does pass through the liver, and will provide a kick up in libido, as well as give your body the hardened “6 weeks out” look you desire. Your needed dose is 50 to 100mg every day, but dose it based on feel. Go up or down given your results and needs week-to-week. Do not get locked into a 12-week regiment blindly that doesn’t suit your goals. Be flexible. I think it’s smart to leave the more serious steroids like Masteron and Winstrol for your actual 8-week contest prep phase. They’ll do more for filling out your physique when you need it the most, just before hitting the stage.


In the off season, I also recommend using HGH. I always recommend HGH regardless of what division or sport you compete in, however, it will keep the athlete lean and in a constant stage of forward progression with his physique. Much of what we do as athletes is determined by how we are feeling. If your mental state is right than it will bleed out onto your physical body. I wholeheartedly believe that HGH is not just an amazing physical compound, but it gives the athlete belief the he is doing everything in his power to be ready and the best when the time calls.


HGH at the Men’s Physique level is once again toned down by comparison to bodybuilding, however, 2-4iu’s every day, for 3 months on and 3 months off will work wonders are making the athletes physique be round, full, and pop, without the unwanted bloat and distention that arises when the athlete reaches 10+IU per day of the drug. You will keep your tight waist on low doses of HGH.


I couldn’t leave the article without briefly discussing Trenbolone. If you must use tren and you more than likely will if you like to win, than it is only to be used in contest prep during the last 4-6 weeks before being judged on stage. But, a little goes a long way. If you’ve been following the details of this article to heart, then a mere 50mg every day will be enough to take your body to next world awesomeness. One must not be tempted into using this drug any other time than contest prep in the final 4-6 weeks. Off season use of tren to hold an otherwise superhuman physique is a terrible idea and completely unsustainable. Do not fall into the trap of using it year-round to hold a look. This is a sure way that the athlete will become burnt out or even have that ‘tired’ appearance.


Here is a nice sample Men’s Physique cycle for you to enjoy.


Off Season

500mg Testosterone Enanthate per week

75mg Proviron per day

25mcg of T3 per day

.25mg of Arimidex every other day

4iu of HGH per day


Contest Prep

600mg Test Propionate per week

50mg of Masteron Propionate per day

50mg of Tren Acetate per day

50mcg of T3 per day

40mcg of Clen per day

.5mg of Arimidex every other day

2iu of HGH per day


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