Eurotropin HGH mixing (reconstitution) instruction (must read)

Eurotropin HGH mixing (reconstitution) instruction (must read)

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Euro-Pharmacies is a leader in science, through Biotechnology in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry,accelerating through the Pharma universe using cutting edge technology and engineering, propelling far ahead of it's contenders..As many others are striving to go to the market in current times, EP has been here and continues to press forward with unstoppable momentum,setting the benchmark of what defines "quality" in lieu of being one your standard generic suppliers..
Euro-Pharmacies stands in a class of their own, compounding Anabolics has traditionally been a capital-intense endeavor by dominating the "Anabolic Circuit" world wide with supremacy through the art of science and chemistry..Euro-Pharmacies, leading the way through innovation!

Mixing Eurotropin

In order to assure greater quality and product efficiency, EP would like to point out some crucial principals in regards with reconstituting Euro-Pharmacies "Eurotropin HGH"

If by chance you are reading this you might already have interests in Euro-Pharmacies "Eurotropin HGH", or your seeking information with how to reconstitute EP's HGH and you are about to begin the process..Stop!

Please read here as EP would like to assure greater quality with its products,so you can achieve greater success and reap your just rewards though the positive benefits of Euro-Tropin HGH,by utilizing the preferred method suggested

Whether your a seasoned Vet or just doing research, it's crucial that you know about HGH and the several typed of water utilized for reconstitution of the hormone..
Let's start with the standard by naming a few shall we?

The first one comes to mind with notoriety would be Bacteriostatic water (0.9% sodium chloride), this is most commonly used aside from Plain sterile water (we will cover that in a moment)..Its one of the most favored methods, and recommend principles to achieve greater stability due to pH levels in the Bac, and the slight preservative properties of the sodium chloride..Euro-pharmacies supplies a 1mL ampule of Bacteriostatic water (0.9% sodium chloride) due to the friendly nature it possess with easily degradable compounds such as peptides/proteins/aa's, as it is slightly acidic pH value of 5.5 for optimal protein and peptide stability, this eliminates the need to use acetic acid solutions,which often causes inconvenience handling peptides.. This diluent allows multiple-use..Highly suggested for all peptide use..Degradation is not a factor or a concern, making this a peptide friendly diluent

Plain sterile water is next in line as a recognized and common practice for reconstitution of peptides, as it can be easily purchased in some regions, and/or simple to manufacture under the appropriate conditions with some know-how..Unfortunately enough, this method fails to yield the advantage of providing a shelf life for peptides..Sterile water should only be considered when a single use is desired such as 10mL within 24hrs due to the fact that it does not posses any agents to mitigate bacterial growth,because it fails to provide any antimicrobial properties, this should be utilized for singular-usage (within 24hrs if peptide has been stored in 36-46 degrees Fahrenheit or 2-6 degrees centigrade)

Bacteriostic water (0.9% benzyl alcohol 9mg/mL)
is one of the most controversial diluents out there,many swear by it advocating its properties to extended shelf life because of its clinical/treatment preservative properties..Unbeknownst to many, this is quite possibly the worst agent to consider when reconstituting peptides, because it can create an unstable environment within the protein molecules.. Because of the antimicrobial preservatives in Benzyl Alcohol it accelerates the aggregation of protein molecules..By introducing Ba with it's increasing antimicrobial preservative levels it increases the hydrophobicity of a formulation by effecting the proteins aqueous solubility,considerably destabilization of the proteins (degradation of the aa's)..Because of the physical and chemical manipulation during the reconstitution/storage process as this can happen during every step, formulation aggregation of proteins is almost certain where at some point protein molecules will align and unfold, exposing their hydrophobic regions for charged-based association (BA,shaking,long term-moderate storage,stirring and shearing),agitation induces aggregation is almost certain within the proteins minimizing efficiency (this applies for all peptides,HGH,hemoglobin,and insulin)..This reconstitution method should not be considered under any circumstance,this is critical to preventing significant loss

HGH mixing (reconstitution) instruction:
Remove the plastic cap from the top of the Eurotropin vial and clean the rubber with a medical alcohol pad/swab...
Take Bac Bacteriostatic water (0.9% sodium chloride)Ampule and utilize a pen cap to snap the neck off (this assures a clean/crisp brake)..

Take a NEW insulin syringe and pull the full amount of 1mL from the ampule (100 markings) into the pin. Note: regardless of how much water you use (be it 1ml or 2ml) the mixture still has the same overall strength. Water is just a transport method for the HGH. If you used double amount of water when reconstituting the HGH, you would have to use double amount of mixture when injecting yourself to get the same dose. People usually use 1ml because it fits fully into a standard insulin type syringe.
You now have 1ml of water in the syringe. Push the needle through the rubber cap of the Eurotropin vial, but position it sideways so that the water will slide down the inside wall of the vial SLOWLY... Do not inject directly into the powder with force, rather let the water slide out SLOWLY.Majority of the white powder will dissolve within seconds, but there will be some lumps left over. Do not shake the vial in an attempt to get them to dissolve. If you are in a hurry, you can gently roll the vial between your fingers. If you do this for a few minutes all of the powder will dissolve. Alternatively you can let the vial sit in the refrigerator for 15 - 30 minutes.
By that time the somatropin will dissolve completely.
Before pulling the liquid HGH into the insulin syringe, give the vial a few turns between your fingers to gently mix the solution. The HGH vials are under vacuum (negative air pressure) which makes it harder to pull the liquid out. To relieve the vacuum inject a full syringe of air into the top of the vial (do not make the liquid bubble).You know have reconstituted EuroTropin HGH

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