EP Line Crystal Clear|Pro. Carrier Oils Clarification

EP Line Crystal Clear|Pro. Carrier Oils Clarification 

Original EP Line always used only Professional/Legit Pharma Grade Carrier Oils "Inside".

EP Line PG carrier Oils were SOLELY Created and Produced for "PG" AAS.

Of course products like Deca and all Trens are an exception clearly - due to their "essence" used ...

EP Line uses only Pharma Grade carrier oils (synthetic/hypoalergic/smooth/most efficiently dissolved-merged with the "essence" - professional oil used only in Original Pharm. Grade Products)

- No UGL on the market uses such Pro./Expensive Oils to our knowledge.Those carrier oils are available only to Legit/Registered Pharma Grade Manufacturers ... and to Us.
(We sincerely apologize if we EVENTUALLY missed anything on any UGL on the market about that matter)

EP Line carrier oils proved with 100% certainty:

1. Second to None - Highly smooth and Painless injection experience.
2. Body/System 100% Smooth&Effective applicability and response.
3. 100% Pharma Grade Feature of: dissolving/applying with the "essence" in the system/body right from the start.

EP Line "Essence" Origin and Quality matches those PG Carrier Oils Fully naturally.

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Published on 18/04/2014 08:38:53
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2016-06-30 16:32:27

There is one exception - the oils used by PSL are MUCH thinner than that used in PG. Thinner is MUCH better! I routinely thin my PG testosterone with PSL Deca so it is easier to inject.

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