Cycles On A Budget

Cycles On A Budget

Cycles On A Budget


By: The Steroid Guru




It would be great to be able to afford all of the finer things that life has to offer. Ferrari’s, Rolex watches, and ocean front mansions are a great way to live, as are pharmaceutical grade steroids, peptides, and growth hormone. Unfortunately, only the 1% get to live a life of great opulence, for the rest of us we have to live under some form of a budget. Since we are all in the business of making huge gains in record time, below are some options for a lot of size and minimal side-effects that can take you all the way to the promise land, all without leaving your bank account empty.


Right out of the gate you can affordably run a Test and DBol cycle at virtually any dose for less than $300 per cycle. Most people spend more money on food during the week than they would on this entire 10-week cycle. Whether you’re a rookie and in need of just 500mg of Test Enanthate per week and 30mg of Dbol (per day) or you’re an aspiring pro bodybuilder on 1500mg and 60mg of Dbol this can answer most of your bulking needs.


Cutting cycles are inevitably more expensive than bulkers, but you can still get shredded on a budget if you design your cycle properly. For starters, Test Prop is always cheap and easy to come by. On the bright side, your testosterone dose on a cutting cycle is moderately dosed at best, so to keep it on the safe side, 700mg of Test Prop per week for 12 weeks will still only run you about $250. From there we’ll leave the more exotic compounds for when you aren’t so broke, but for now you can get plenty shredded on Winstrol tabs at 50mg per day (80+mg if you’re advanced) and that will run you another $150. The combination of these two together, Test P and Winny tabs will get anyone with a proper diet looking more peeled than they could dream of, aside from an aggressive pre-contest cycle or one without budgetary constraints.


If you need to increase your growth hormone levels, but don’t want to drop the money on Eurotropin, look at GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Ipamorelin, Sermorelin, and HGH Frag 176-191. Dosed individually or together you will experience the same benefits as real hGH, such as cell hyperplasia, reduced body fat, improved sleep and recovery, and increased protein synthesis. These do require multiple injections per day, so making sure you are prepared for that level of commitment is almost as important as deciding if you are going to take them or not. I recommend taking peptides during a bulking cycle more than cutting as they will have the user retain water and experience an increase in appetite. All things you’d want to avoid when dieting and on a cutting cycle.


If you are looking for pure mass with little concern for health then keep reading below! A good cycle on a budget regardless of your goal is the inclusion of Tren Acetate. What was once a snap to order at home and for a cheaper than a tub of whey protein, has since gotten more expensive and harder to obtain, however, it’s still readily available and an ace in your arsenal if you choose to go that route. For a bulking cycle, adding trenbolone to any testosterone ester is a winning formula. For true gnarly mass gains, you can also include Dbol to form arguably the most potent and high-octane cycle one can choose to do when bulking up. Conversely, adding Tren to your cutting cycle (Test Prop) and Winstrol is a sure-fire winner that rivals anything I would recommend while prepping for a bodybuilding contest. Below are how two cycles can look.


#1 – Extreme Bulking Cycle

Test Enanthate – 1000mg per week

Tren Ace – 100mg everyday

Dbol – 50mg everyday (optional)


#2 – Extreme Cutting Cycle

Test Prop – 100mg everyday

Tren Ace – 100mg everyday

Winstrol – 50mg everyday (optional)


If none of the cycles excite you for either bulking or cutting than you can try some alternative stacking options and for still at a highly affordable rate. These are unconventional, yet still provide great results within your budget. They also perk the interest of those of you out there who think they need to run multiple compounds to maximize their results.


For your next bulk that doesn’t include the options above, try lowering your testosterone dosage to 300mg per week. From there we’ll want to add another androgenic (and affordable) steroid to the mix, Equipoise. With your test dose under 500mg per week, we need to increase your androgens and that’s where EQ comes into play. Use a dose of no less than 600mg per week. From there I like to use NPP, which at the dose of just 100mg every other day, will keep your stack affordable. And we wrap it up with a very low dose of Tren Enanthate – 300mg per week. This stacks 4 compounds together, however, side-effects are kept low due to no individual steroid being too outrageously high. If prolactin issues become a problem, NPP is the first thing you should drop from your cycle as it has a short ester-half life and can be monitored easily. Your other compounds are long-estered and can’t be changed quite as easily.


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