Building an Oral Only Cycle

Building an Oral Only Cycle

Building an Oral Only Cycle


By: The Steroid Guru



It should be noted oral only cycles are not advised. Now that we’ve cleared the air with that, there is a right way and a wrong way to build an oral only cycle. One will leave you with minimal adverse side-effects with a considerable amount of maintainable mass, while the other will leave you worse off than when you began your cycle. Make sure to follow some easy guidelines and you can have success running your oral only cycle. But keep in mind, nothing will be as effective as if injectable anabolic steroids were included.


Have a Plan. Regardless of how you administer your steroids, you still need good direction upon building your oral only cycle. For a bulking cycle, I would like for you to choose drugs that we can easily combat the side-effects. Normally, testosterone is the base for all quality cycles, however, in this case we’ll use a test derivative in Dbol. Chemically, Dbol is very similar to testosterone which means we can mitigate the side-effects just as easily as we could if we were directly dealing with test. Dbol will create a massive spike in your hormone levels which can lead to water retention, strength gains, and estrogen elevation. By adding a low dose of .25mcg ED or .5mcg EOD of Arimidex we can drastically lower the adverse effects of Dbol.


Try to keep a dose of 40mg to 60mg with Dbol. While your body can tolerate the higher end amounts on this drug, you will be stacking one other compound increasing the total amount of oral steroids your liver will have to endure.


While you don’t have to stack anything with the Dbol, adding the oral steroid Winstrol alongside will help strengthen the overall quality of your cycle. Winstrol, a DHT based steroid will increase free testosterone in the body, creating a much more anabolic environment which will also help to solidify your gains once you come off your cycle. People often think of Winstrol as a weak anabolic steroid and that simply isn’t the case. It won’t knock your pants off like Anadrol would, but it isn’t supposed to.


The combination of the two drugs together will leave you with a very solid lean bulking cycle that will give your body a full and round look, but not overly bloated and watery thanks to the Arimidex and Winstrol. Expect an increase in strength and lean muscle gains with this cycle. Below is an example layout of what this cycle will look like:


Weeks 1-8 – Dbol – 60mg Everyday

Weeks 3-10 – Winstrol – 50mg Everyday

Weeks 1-4 – Arimidex - .5mcg every other day

Weeks 5-9 – Arimidex - .25mcg everyday


If you decide you want to do an oral only cutting cycle the same rules apply. Unlike many coaches or self-styled gurus, I do like a low dose of Anadrol to maintain fullness while on restricted calories. Remember, every drug has a purpose and utilizing Anadrol at a mild dose at 25mg everyday will help to maintain strength gains, keep you full, and even help to control your appetite.


From there, I think a substantial dose of Anavar goes extremely well. A lot of people think Anavar is just a ‘ladies only’ compound, but that’s not true at all. Anavar, if dosed sufficiently will produce excellent strength gains, but more importantly it’ll help harden your physique up quite a bit. 20mg spaced out evenly every 3-4 hours per day will keep blood levels stable and produce great results.


After that you can then start to introduce some traditional fat burners like Clenbuterol and T3. I am not a big proponent of high dosing Clen. A dose of just 40mcg to 80mcg per day is the sweet spot at reducing body fat without blasting your blood pressure off into the next stratosphere. Take Clen first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Some advisors think it’s best to be cycled on and off, and while I don’t disagree and your body will become more adapted to the chemicals after about 2 weeks, you won’t experience a rebound effect if you stay on the duration of the entire cycle. T3 on the other hand, has a horrible online reputation of cannibalizing muscle tissue. I have never seen or experienced that and as such a dose of 50mcg to 100mcg per day should be used depending upon the person. Split the doses up evenly throughout the day for optimal results.


Regardless of the cycle, bulk or cut, make sure you are taking your liver protectors. NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) and TUDCA. Both are over the counter and will help to reduce the oxidative stress that oral compounds and intense training can create.


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