411 on Diuretics

411 on Diuretics

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411 on Diuretics


By: The Steroid Guru



Diuretics are one of the most misunderstood and dangerous chemicals any serious bodybuilding or physique athlete will put into their body. If you need to get shredded and dry for a peak competition then they are a must have item in your arsenal. The more educated you are about their usage, the way they affect your body and alternatives to them, the better chances that you will do what is right for your health. I want you to know all the pros and cons of diuretics use and have you weigh them against your goals. This is bodybuilding and competitive sports, if you want to win, this is part of the game.


Diuretics are the category of drugs that can raise the amount of water and sodium that is eliminated in the urine. Diuretics usually treat fluid retention problems, but bodybuilders do use them largely to cut water weight in just 2-3 days before a competition.  There are mainly 3 types of diuretics that are commonly used among bodybuilders.


Lasix belongs to the category of loop diuretics and is probably the most used one due to its low price and availability. It’s one of the most powerful diuretics mainly used to treat high blood pressure, edema or in the case of intoxication to flush away toxins from the blood. It acts directly on kidneys and along with the water it cleans your body of potassium, calcium, sodium, and other important nutrients.Every good comes with bad. Lasix may cause severe side effects, such as thickening of the blood, low blood pressure and renal failure in worst cases.  


The next one used often is Aldactone. Acting the same way on kidney, Aldactone is not as harsh in side effects as Lasix. It’s a milder diuretic drug that has not to be used more than 2-3 times per day.The main thing you should know about this diuretic is that it does not remove potassium from your body as Lasix does. What does it mean for you? First of all, this is telling you that additional use of potassium while running Aldactone is not necessary. If you do so you risk balling up your nutrient and electrolyte balance.


In the regard of dosage, 50 mg a day split into 2 intakes is more than enough. Taking it for 2 days should be enough, because if you overdo it you may get yourself flatter than a pancake.


And then lastly there’s Dyazide. Much like the above-mentioned diuretic, Dyazide is also preventing potassium from being flushed from your body. Therefore, the same rule applies: no potassium supplementation is needed and Dyazide use should be limited to two days. The reason behind Dyazide timing is its peak times - it’s on the day of administration and not after. That’s why proper timing if the key to successful use of Dyazide. Fail to do it and you can see your muscularity fading away.


Side effects many people experience (or you will experience):


  1. Frequent urination
  2. Dehydration
  3. Potassium Deficiencies
  4. Electrolyte imbalance
  5. Extreme weakness
  6. Fatigue
  7. Blurred vision
  8. Loss of appetite
  9. And even gynecomastia in men.


Diuretics may indeed help you drop water within days before an event, but are you ready to pay with your health? Heart and kidney problems, cramping, mental issues or even heart attacks are all possible when diuretics are misused.


There is a range of herbal water-loss products that can be used to reduce water weight with most common of the being the Dandelion Root. Mild in side effects, Dandelion Root does not clean your body of the needed minerals as the above-mentioned diuretics do. On the contrary, due to its components, it detoxifies the body, stimulates digestive process, improves liver function, lower sodium levels and even prevents from blood pressure.


Regarding dosage, Dandelion can be found at 520mg per dosage. The usage method is quite simple and is mostly based on your body reaction. The effects of Dandelion are seen in about 10-12 hours, so if you take one at the beginning of the day and see how it work out by the end of the day. Keep taking twice a day until the event day, but no longer than 3-5 days.


Don’t forget that you can always come dry naturally. Obviously, such products as Dandelion Root will not provide the fast effects diuretics drugs are known for and not even to the degree they do. But, hey, first of all, you are safe and secondly, you enjoy the multiple health benefits Dandelion has.

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