“Death Cycle” Do Not Try This at Home

“Death Cycle” Do Not Try This at Home

“Death Cycle” Do Not Try This at Home


By: The Steroid Guru



It’s not every day that I suggest a bodybuilder steer clear from a particular cycle, however, in this case that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. The Death Cycle may not kill you, but it will never leave you the same again. We are talking about combining the most powerful hormones together to give you an androgenic matrix that results in more size, strength, and power than you could ever dream of. Do not try this one at home…or the gym.


#1. Sustanon 250 – Every Day for 30 Days


You won’t be taking Sust or Omnadren the way you have in the past. Instead of your typical twice per week dosing schedule, you’ll be doing 1ML every day for 30 days. Due to the delay from the various esters, you won’t actually be getting 1750mg of active testosterone in your system per week. Dosing it this way will ensure optimal levels of testosterone hit your system without drastic peaks and valleys normally associated with using Sustanon or Omnadren. Don’t fear the dose on the label, it’s not the same as taking an equivalent amount of test enanthate or cypionate. Users who take their blended test this way will elicit fewer side-effects such as bloat, gyno, blood pressure, and acne. And your gains will be beyond anything you have felt using another ester of testosterone or accelerated dosage beyond 2grams in a traditional bi-weekly injection regimen.


#2. Halotestin – Every Day for 4 Weeks


If you need strength gains in a hurry there really aren’t too many steroids you’d want to consider using. Take Halo 40-50mg split evening in the morning and evening – as well as around your workouts is the dose you want to be at for regular spikes in strength on your major compound movements. Halo gives the body a massive influx of androgens that will dry your physique out, leaving it hard, striated, and aggressively strong. Major side-effects can be blunted with liver detoxifiers such as TUDCA and NAC, however, blood pressure is quick to rise and should be monitored with great caution. If you find yourself getting more than 1-2 nose bleeds per week, abandon ship.


#3 – Tri-Tren – 6 Weeks Straight – Every Other Day


If you thought Tren Ace was fast acting then just wait until you unleash Tri-Tren. This is the three tiered trenbolone that hits you with the short, moderate, and long releasing ester. You do not take this like you would Sustenon, but instead every other day. The reason for the more infrequent injections by comparison to Sust is that we don’t want to be taking in that much of the tren compound. 150mg every other day I have found to be the sweet-spot for all users. There is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to tren when the cons begin to outweigh the pros.


#4. Humalog (Insulin) – Every Day – 8 Weeks


The final component to The Death Cycle is insulin. 10IU dosed out in the morning, around dinner, and post workout has been shown to give even the worst genetically blessed person a major leg up on their gains and long-term muscle progression. The smart athlete would take this only on hard gaining or slow progressing body parts to avoid becoming insulin dependent. Top level bodybuilders I have coached in the past use this on leg and back workouts. Have your simple carbs on hand or GTFOH.



Putting it all together….


Like with all cycles it’s not what you do it’s how you do it. Individually, a person can run each of these chemicals incredibly successful, but how they’re structured is the difference between a cycle you’ll want to share with the world vs. one you will abandon not too far into starting. Here is an appropriate way you could combine the drugs mentioned so that you get the most benefit without worrying about putting your body in a place it cannot recover from.




Days 1 – 30 – Sustanon 250 – 1ML ED (every day)

Days 1 – 20 – Halotestin – 20mg (5mg AM, 5mg PreWO, 5mg PostWO, 5mg PM)

Days 21 – 60 – Tri-Tren 150 – 1ML EOD (every other day)

Days 1 – 60 – Humalog – 10IU PreWO and 10IU PostWO – on Back, Chest, Legs



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